March 27, 2017

D214 switches to Infinite Campus system


D214 has switched on from its old HomeLogic grading system to the new Infinite Campus system. On Monday, Jan. 5 and Tuesday, Jan. 6, teachers received training on how to use Infinite Campus. Basic training involved how to use the grade book and setting up attendance. Teachers also received specific training depending on their occupation. Students are expected to receive instructions in an informative video that explains how to use the new system. However, creating that video has posed a challenge as a real student would have to use their account to log in to the system in order to…

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District 214 new pool rules


New rules have been implemented in D214 regarding pool dress codes. The new rules state that all girls wearing a two piece must wear a shirt over her bathing suit, and boys are no longer allowed to wear speedos in the pool. “Who wears a speedo in school for swimming class?” Alicja Sieracka, freshman, asked me when I told her about the new rule regarding speedos. Even though I’ve never seen a speedo during school outside a swim meet, I have seen a lot of two piece and bikinis in the pool over only two years. “I have yet to…

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Jazz Band competes at Northshore Jazz Festival


On Saturday, Jan. 24, Jazz Band One, Jazz Band Two and Jazz Band Combo traveled to Glenbrook South High School to perform at the North Shore Jazz Festival. Band won numerous awards and three students went home with soloist awards. Jazz Band Two earned a Division One Rating and second place in class, while the Jazz Combo earned a Division One Rating and took home the first place award. Jazz Band One earned a Division One Rating, first place in Class AA and the Grand Champion Award as the best jazz band of the day. Numerous students won awards for…

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Time capsule opened in honor of 50th anniversary


In light of the 50th anniversary of WHS’s opening, a time capsule was opened. The capsule was buried in the walls of the school when it was built and features items from the earliest days of WHS’s opening. Among the items in the time capsule were pictures, a binder of newspaper clippings relating to the building and the opening of the school and a ballot from the referendum in which community members voted to open another school. “(The time capsule) was very interesting. It was neat to see a part of history and how they did things back then,” Angela…

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PBIS begins positive activities throughout the year

by Kelly McKewin, Co-Editor-in-Chief Over the course of fourth quarter, WHS’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) team will be hosting a variety of activities to help encourage positive behavior around the school. One of the main activities is going to be “Everyday Hero” cards that teachers will fill out each month. Through the year, Angela Ginnan, associate principal of operations, has encouraged students to write in about their “Everyday Heroes,” but the roles will now be reversed with the new PBIS activity, with each staff member in the building nominating a student to be their hero every month. “(The…

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School dismissed early due to power outage

During second period, Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, and Kate Kraft, associate principal of operations, stand with ComEd workers to examine the current power outage status.

Students were dismissed from school today at 9:20 a.m. due to a power outage during first period. ComEd worked with WHS building faculty during second period to try and solve the problem, however an announcement was made to release students and staff at the beginning of third period. Photos by Erik Hernandez 

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Gangnam Orchestra performs at WHS


by Erik Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief  The Gangnam Orchestra from South Korea performed at WHS’s theater on May 1. The performance consisted of the symphony orchestra playing two pieces, followed by the Gangnam Orchestra playing six. Their performance left the audience applauding and standing up for almost ten minutes. The Gangnam orchestra is a world recognized group that has played in countries such as Italy and Germany. “The performance was completely unbelievable” Chelsie Coren, senior, says. “I felt unworthy to start before them.” The Korean Culture Center of Chicago decided that it would be best to hold the event at WHS. However,…

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Accounting students gain experience from Relay, contest

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor After taking College Accounting, students had the opportunity to compete at Harper College’s High School Accounting Contest and work at the Relay For Life accounting tents on Saturday, May 4. “For Relay For Life, it’s a great thing that first, they’re volunteering and helping out, second, they get hands-on training, and third, they get hands-on experience.  It’s difficult to get hands on accounting experience,” Kevin Lennon, business teacher, said. Nick Ricciardi, senior, took College Accounting last semester, and he plans on going into the business field. “It looks good on resumes, but I can learn…

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Activity, registration fees rise for next year

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief All District 214 students will face fee increases in the 2013-14 school year as the school registration fee increases by $30, and student activity fees will be raised $15 each year for the next three years. According to Jim Perkins, school board president, the change is brought on as federal and state budgets are being cut, which make up 10 percent of the district’s budget. “We are trying not to make any effects on the classroom because of our budget. We have great partners that are helping us cover technology costs, and it helps that we’ve…

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WHS rises in rank

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Listed as 39th on The Washington Post’s Most Challenging High Schools of Illinois list, students and staff of WHS have made improvements that caused WHS to rise 11 places in rank. “It’s a considerable jump,” Erin DeLuga, associate principal of instruction and curriculum, said. “The reason I say the move up is intentional is because of incredible students, staff and leadership in the building.” Last year, WHS ranked 50th on the list. “While I know we are not defined simply by a number, I view it as another indicator, among many, that we are on…

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