March 29, 2017

Operation Beautiful aims to make positive impact on students’ self-image

by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor If you have been seeing post it notes in the bathroom or positive messages on the walls, this is from the new group, Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful began with a group of people who left positive messages in public bathrooms, at the gym and in grocery stores. The goal of Operation Beautiful and its website is to end negative self talk, and to leave positive messages in public places. Svetlana Fastovskaya, social worker, started Operation Beautiful at WHS with a group of students. For more info, see

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Different organizations fight against hunger


Rotary Club, various partners restock local food pantries by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “I had a woman with me a few weeks ago, and I asked if she liked soup. She asked me ‘Is it food?’ I said ‘Of course…’ and she said ‘Then it’s not a question of whether I like it or not. It’s that I need it,” Jim Bradley, community service coordinator for the Wheeling Food Pantry, said. Open for just about one year and three months, the Wheeling Food Pantry has handed out more than 23,000 pounds of food to people in need. Over 530 families are…

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First Lady sets nutritional standards for schools

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief WHS witnessed first-hand changes to the school cafeteria program as students were told “You need another serving of fruit.” At the beginning of the year, all schools in District 214 adjusted to new nutritional standards set by Michelle Obama, first lady. While previously students could choose to decline taking fruit and vegetable portions, they now must take at least one serving when purchasing a lunch meal. Students that are purchasing from the a la carte line do not need to meet these standards. The lunch lines began seeing more variety of options with fruit, such as…

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Team recruits, prepares for math challenge

by Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter Last year, the idea of competing in  “Moody’s Math Challenge” came to the mind of Victor Gonzalez, math teacher; however, there was not a sufficient amount of students willing to join. This year Mr. Gonzalez is ready for the challenge by preparing four students for the competition. These students include Kat Dobrowski, Omar Joya, Chris Knill and Sina Ith, seniors. The team is currently still recruiting students to participate. “We have very, very talented and well-rounded students,”  Mr. Gonzalez said. On March 2 and 3, the team will receive a real world problem, which they…

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WPAC reaches out through Shave for the Shore


by Paige McCoy, Staff Reporter Wheeling Political Action Club (WPAC) hosted “Shave for the Shore” on Dec. 7, an event to raise funds through Habitat for Humanity, which will be used to help rebuild homes that were ruined by Hurricane Sandy. “Shave for the Shore is awesome. It shows their (WPAC’s) compassion and willingness to show people what matters. It’s an opportunity to be creative and think of the best way to raise money,” Sandra Chico, WPAC adviser, said. With the help of WPAC and seven teachers, WHS gave back to those affected by Hurricane Sandy as they raised $549.16…

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Former principal Dr. Shirley passes away, leaves legacy

Scan 10

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor With a legacy of working as principal for 25 years, Dr. Tom Shirley, former principal, passed away Dec. 2 at age 82. In 1956, Dr. Shirley started teaching math at Arlington High School.  He became assistant principal at WHS when it opened in 1964.  The next year, he became principal.  He has worked at WHS ever since, until he retired in 1990. “He really made Wheeling High School what it was for the first 25 years of its existence.  He was actually principal longer than all the rest of us combined,” Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal,…

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Sophomores can buy parking tags

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Since the parking lot no longer has an overcrowding problem, WHS will now allow sophomores who have their driver’s licenses to purchase parking tags. According to Ramon Williams, dean, another factor for this administrative decision was that in order for students to receive their driver’s licenses, they must have had driving experience with their permit for nine months. “For sophomores in the past, we always said no because it was about overcrowding and responsibility and safe driving,” Dr. Ken Stiff, dean, said.  “Safe driving is a skill, and it takes maturity.  We really decided that…

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Water fountains, other measures save plastic, costs

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.56.59 PM

by Megan Provost, Staff Reporter Within the past month, new environmentally-friendly water fountains have been installed around the school in the math wing, athletics hallway and commons area. The fountains have a spout for drinking normally like any other fountain. The factor that makes these new fountains different and environmentally-friendly is the additional spout in the back that allows for easy filling/refilling of water bottles. This not only benefits the school budget, but the environment as well, as less plastic bottles will have to be purchased by the school and less will end up in landfills. According to Kate Kraft,…

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New classes introduced for 2013-14 school year

Film Class With the start of a new film club at WHS this year, a film class has been approved for next school year. The class will run as a nine week (1 term) block. Students will cover the history of films (by watching films), looking at the techniques in filming, writing your own film, creating a story board, filming and editing the movie using Final Cut Pro and iMovie. The films made in class will qualify to be submitted into the film festival. Each student will leave the class with a completed 3-10 minute movie, which can be added…

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‘My Place’ accepts donations, helps Newton, Conn.

Looking for a way to donate and help the people in Newton, Conn.? A restaurant called “My Place,” in the center of the town, is accepting donations in exchange for meals being delivered to people in the community. If one calls them and let’s them know how much they would like to spend, they will then cook and deliver a meal. “They have ensured that the meals are delivered to people in the community that are most likely too distraught to prepare meals for themselves,” Micki Kaufman, assessment center assistant, said. The restaurant can be reached at 1-203-270-7061 and accepts…

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