March 27, 2017

Students attend local concerts over Labor Day weekend

by Erika Pogorzelska, Feature Editor What did you do this weekend? Ah, the first three day weekend of the school year. Labor Day always holds many events for people to do over the weekend since they will have one extra day to sleep in, refresh and of course, finish any homework. This past weekend held some popular events and attractions such as 36th annual Chicago Jazz Festival in Millenium Park, the 5th annual North Coast Music Festival in Union Park, Buffalo Grove Days and other concerts. Many WHS students had attended each of these events over the long weekend. Paul…

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Familiar face returns to Wheeling Soccer

by Alex Gleyzer, staff reporter With the Wildcats historic success this year, one of the biggest surprises has come from behind the bench. Along with Ed Uhrik and Kevin Lennon, coaches, Leo Elizalde, assistant coach, has joined the staff. Elizalde returns to Wheeling after spending four years at Dominican University. During his time with the Wildcats, Elizalde was named to two conference teams and a player of the year award. Playing for both coach Uhrik and Lennon in high school helped his success at Wheeling. Elizalde captained the Wildcats to a playoff race in 2008, and a historic season of…

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Laing goes extra mile, runs marathon with his father

Dakota Laing, senior, and his father, Scott Laing, ran their first marathon together on September 22, 2013. D. Laing said he was satisfied with his results. “Usually people run their first marathon in about four hours,” D. Laing said.“We came in at about 3:45:00. I was pretty proud.” However, after running 26 miles straight, D. Laing felt pain along with his pride. “My legs were in constant pain for about 3 or 4 hours after the race was over.” D. Laing said. At least the Laings had some sweet treats to come home to afterwards. “Mom made a bunch of…

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Freshmen transition to high school, play on varisty teams

By Zalman Faltushanskiy, Staff Reporter As freshmen begin the transition from middle school to high school, some of them are enhancing their experience by placing large pressure upon their shoulders. Jalen Dennis and Timber Terrell, freshmen, have made the varsity football and volleyball teams, respectively, beating out numerous other students for their spots. “It means a lot because I’ve been working [hard] in the offseason with all of the other [players],” Dennis said. Dennis has been playing football for nine years in local youth leagues with the Prospect Heights/Wheeling Falcons and the Buffalo Grove Bills. His experience playing for those…

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APLAC hosts annual Gatsby Party


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ROTC hosts annual military ball


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Dr. Lopez says farewell to WHS, moves higher into Dist. 214


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief As students from WHS settled into class on Friday, April 5, Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, announced his promotion as he moves higher into District 214 as the Associate Superintendent for teaching and learning. His promotion is effective July 1. “The opportunity is very bittersweet; I really enjoy being principal of WHS as it’s been my identity for the last six years and I would gladly do it for many more,” Dr. Lopez said. “In reality, I’d love to do both jobs. I’m excited about the role I can play to foster partnerships, external experiences and career…

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Fine Arts Department Presents “Legally Blonde: The Musical”


Videos filmed by Jacquelin Camacho, Jean Pabon and Erika Pogorzelska Videos edited by Jacquelin Camacho, Rosalie Chan and media tech staff Photos by Megan Jones   “Omigod!” The cast and crew of Legally Blonde is “Positive” that “What You Want” is to attend the show this weekend! Based on the Reese Witherspoon movie, Legally Blonde tells the story of sorority girl Elle Woods who follows her boyfriend (after he dumps her) to Harvard to prove to him that she is “Serious.” Tickets are $10; advanced purchase is recommended. Contact Ann Wyatt for tickets. Elle Woods – Elizabeth Jassin Warner Huntington…

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Pro-start hosts food contest


by Katia Bryhadyr, Staff Reporter WHS held its first Pro-Start cooking contest during block C-2 Friday, March 8. Students were faced with the challenge of creating a main dish and a side to match the National School Lunch Program. While the 10 members of the Pro-Start class prepared dishes, Student Council’s Executive Board judged the school program standards. Hector Juarez, senior, received the award for his taco dish. He received an iPod Classic and a chance for his dish to be served in the school cafeteria. “The tricky part or the challenge about this is that the students have a…

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‘Spider Gym’ offers students alternatives, training


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Donned in white martial arts robes, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu students watch as the instructor demonstrates the guard position with Isaac Reyes, ‘10 graduate and sophomore at Harper.  Lying on the ground, the instructor cross his legs behind Reyes’s back, preventing him from moving. Reyes goes back to the outside circle as the instructor demonstrates the move again with another student.  Then, the students pair up to practice on the mats.  Jose del Real, senior, and his partner decide to step into the cage to practice. Reyes and del Real go to Spider Gym on Wheeling…

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