March 29, 2017

Artist of the Month: Lemus prepares for college through art program


by Robert Perales, A&E Editor Throughout WHS, the art department plays a pivotal role in the dynamic of the student culture. To ensure that there is the same amount of recognition in the WHS art department as there is in many of our sports and core academic classes, Spokesman has decided to list an artist of the month as students from WHS continue to embark on producing new artistic pieces of work. This month’s artist of the month, Nikki Lemus, senior, is currently working on a new piece of work as she prepares to finalize her last few months as…

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Orchesis qualifies for state festival


By Chris Nush, Assistant A&E Editor “Almost Never Clearly Obscure,” a dance piece choreographed by Robert Perales, senior, has been selected for the Illinois State High School Dance Festival. Perales and Melody Beltran, junior, performed, the piece at the Orchesis Main Showcase, “We Have Arrived.” “It’s completely amazing and shocking to have been selected for State,” Perales said. “I know that my partner, Melody, and I have worked incredibly hard, but I didn’t know we would see this much success.” This has been both Perales and Beltran’s first year in Orchesis. “Its really crazy, its my first year so I didn’t think…

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Daaawns find competitive edge


Hard work leads to first time placement in seven years by Paige McCoy, Asst. Feature Editor For the first time in seven years, The Daaawns have made their mark at a competitive level as they placed grand champions at Wheaton Warrenville, which is one of the biggest competitions in the midwest.  They also placed first runner up at the Chicagoland Showcase and placed sixth in finals at the El Paso competition. “I think that placing well in our competitions is going to give us much more confidence for next year,” Nisha Karwal, junior, said. This year, The Daaawns received a…

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Serving Our Country

by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter The following students currently train physically and mentally for the safety of their families, communities and country. With the determination to be something greater, students at WHS pursue careers in the military field. According to Jeff Morse, Lt. Cmdr. and senior naval science instructor, “the military looks for is leadership, initiative and ingenuity.”   Military Academy “When I look at how fortunate I have been thus far in my life to be a part of such a strong, supportive family and an equally supportive community, I realize more and more how it is now becoming…

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WHS alumnus interns at White House

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Lindsay Ford, ‘09 WHS alumni and senior at DePaul University, currently interns at the White House, working in the Internship Office under the Office of Management and Administration. According to Sandra Chico, social studies teacher, Ford’s communication skills, organization skills, dedication and commit- ment are attributes that can give her an advantage to become successful. While at WHS, Ford participated in many extracurricular activities, but she attributes Student Council with “instilling my passion for working in pub- lic service. Ms. Chico was a great mentor and taught me important organization- al and time management skills,”…

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Gama applies for deferred action, after two months, is approved

Gama faces obstacles on the path to citizenship, is of the first students to be approved and receive national ID card by Rossy Peralta, Asst. La Voz Editor Cecilia Gama, senior, received a national ID card in February. Gama was one of many undocumented students who benefited from the DREAM Act “(With the ID card) I can get a job and pay my (future) loans, even if I don’t get a lot of scholarships, I don’t have to live in debt,” Gama said. Deferred Action is a project for undocumented students who have been raised and educated in the United…

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Musto, models exhibit fashion show at Millennium Park


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Jess Musto, senior, enlisted her friends to create a team consisting of models and a camera-crew to travel downtown and present a guerrilla fashion show at Millennium Park. “The jewelry I designed fit the feel of Millennium Park, and I knew Millennium Park was a public place that allowed filming,” Musto said. “Not many designers my age would be gutsy enough to ask a bunch of people to walk around in sharp jewelry that hurts and then wear it out in public. I just wanted to do something bold.” The video created was published on YouTube…

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‘Pack the Place’ promotes school spirit, fundraising


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Last week, students continued the traditions of “Pack the Place” week through spirit days, the pep assembly, a basketball game and Honor Pack’s fundraising. Sports, clubs and organizations nominated students to become Honor Pack members. Honor Pack helped raise money for a WHS family in economic hardship. Social workers help identify a family in economic hardship. This year, Honor Pack raised money for the family of Karen Delgado, junior, and Perla Delgado, sophomore. “She’s (my mother) no longer working. She needs to take medicine,” K. Delgado said. “She hurt her back and neck. She has…

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Piatek discovers passion for drums, plays in numerous bands


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “Everyone has their own hobbies whether it’s book club or knitting, but my hobby is playing sweet music,” Timothy Piatek, English teacher, said. “When ev- eryone on Saturday is off doing their own things, I like to get into my own world, close my eyes and get into the music.” Mr. Piatek does not spend his Saturday nights grading WREN assignments. Instead, he is out playing in the Oswego-area in his band, The After 5 Band. “What I like most is when you can get people moving on the dance floor and having a good time,” Mr….

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Kras aims for police career despite dangers: Graduates early to attend Harper

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor “When I was watching on the news how everyone was there, like police, fire department and ambulances, and that just made me think, ‘Oh that can happen anywhere; it could happen here, and if that was my career, I would be able to be there and help people and investigate,” Amanda Kras, senior, said. The recent school shooting in Connecticut has increased Kras’s interest into becoming a police officer. “Whenever I would see a police officer chasing someone, I always thought that it was so interesting, and I always watched those kind of shows, like…

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