March 29, 2017

Homecoming Coronation Assembly 2012


Video by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Photos by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor, and Frida Valdes, Feature Editor

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Almutawa twins adjust to WHS with help from friends, each other


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Ahmed and Mohammed Almutawa, juniors, moved from Saudi Arabia two and a half months ago, but their shared experiences and twin bond have helped them adjust to new people and places. The Almutawa twins enjoy playing video games and racing cars together.  Although they share many of the same interests and friends, they have a few differences in physical appearance and interests. “He’s (A. Almutawa) the first one, but I’m taller and stronger,” M. Almutawa said.  “Maybe I’m taller than him, and he’s faster than me.  I like photographs.  He likes to take videos.” However,…

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Busy schedules, insomnia affect sleep

Screen shot 2012-09-24 at 1.19.58 PM

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor On average, most students receive six to eight hours of sleep a night, even though they actually need nine to ten hours of sleep. Patricia Baima, psychology teacher, suggested that better time management can help students get more sleep. “When you sleep, you form new memories,” Ms. Baima said.  “If you’re not sleeping, you’re not getting stuff stored in your long term memory.” Homework, activities, work, insomnia, technology and other factors can keep students from getting enough sleep and cause them to lose energy during the day. Sports and Homework Because of sports and homework,…

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Dean Swierczek retires

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor After 19 years of working at WHS, Debbie Swierczek, retired dean of students, retired after the end of last school year. “I think I left an impact for a different role of a dean.  I can discipline, but I can also support,” Ms. Swierczek said. Dr. Ken Stiff, dean of students, replaced Ms. Swierczek.  However, he also plans on retiring at the end of this year. Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Stiff worked as the Associate Principal of Operations and Assistant Dean. “I’d like the dean’s office to get viewed as a place students can…

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Senior board helps fundraise for shipping of desks

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Senior class board will help  Luis Mendez, Prospect Heights alderman, fundraise money in order to send desks to Honduran schools. Mendez has been an active helper of underprivileged countries since 1995. He bought desks, chairs and tables hoping he will be able to send to Honduras, but has not been able to because of the high cost. The main goal is to raise $6,400 which will help pay the shipping fee. Children in Honduras require a desk per student in order to attend school. “It sucks that we all get to go to school and…

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Provost’s Profile: Levites twins compete, bond in twin life


by Megan Provost, Staff Reporter Walking into room 137 Friday morning, I knew this wasn’t going to be your everyday interview. The Levites twins, the football playing blondes, were everything I expected them to be: high energy and well, boy-ish. I organized my papers as one brother plunked down in a chair and another hopped up on a tabletop. When I asked the obvious question of “what it’s like to be twins,” it became clear that although these boys were identical in appearance, their personalities were anything but that. They talked about sharing, how it gets annoying and how the…

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Dammeier siblings balance busy schedules, family time

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor While some siblings argue over who should use the bathroom first in the morning, the Dammeier siblings live in unisense. “We don’t really fight in general,” Darby Dammeier, senior, said.  “We tease each other, someone gets mad for around an hour, then they get over it, and we move on.  We need each other happy to be happy.” D.  Dammeier is the oldest, while Cole and Hailey Dammeier, sophomores, are fraternal twins born two minutes apart. D.  Dammeier tries to be a good role model for her siblings both in acedemics and participation in extra…

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Gama fights for career

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor “I can’t be a lawyer, a paramedic (or) a pastry chef,” Cecilia Gama, senior, said. This year, President Barack Obama’s executive order made Deferred Action possible for students. With Deferred Action, C. Gama will be able to follow her dream of becoming a professional lawyer. “I had doubts about it (Deferred Action) ’cause it’s not a concrete thing,” C. Gama said. Alberto Gama, sophomore and brother of C. Gama, said he is excited about the new program because being an immigrant “limits the opportunities you have, even if you deserve them.” Still, the two…

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Alumnus works as director in Hollywood

Used with permission from David Tuber

Picture used with permission from David Tuber by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor David Tuber, director and ‘00 alumnus, draws “all the time.”  When he attended WHS, he would draw Fun Run T-shirts, student council posters and band program covers.  Now, he works in Hollywood on various productions, including stop motion animation shows. “We just wrapped up production for ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole’ (a stop motion animation show on Adult Swim),” Tuber said.  “We direct the entire process from writing to post-effects at the very end, but we sometimes help with writing and directing voice actors.” Tuber graduated from Columbia College in…

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Football atmosphere changes, grows


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “The game atmosphere is very intense and serious,” Chad Mikosz, senior and varsity football player, said. “It’s kind of electrifying. We should have this energy all the time.” The highlights of the current football season include the last second field goal win against Mundelein and a struggle with Fremd. Further, WHS has said goodbye to Dave Dunbar, previous varsity football coach, and welcomed Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, with his track record of changing Prospect High School’s football program. After the long summer of practices, changes to the program and Superfans waiting to pump the crowd,…

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