March 29, 2017

Students reach out, help Honduran children in need

Honduras lice

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Kat Dobrowski and Brie Majkowski, seniors, and Hannah Dobrowski, sophomore, along with missionaries from the Arlington Countryside Church (ACC), traveled to Honduras this summer in medical brigades that would benefit children in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Members of the group helped wash children’s hair, treat lice, do dentistry work, organize a library, complete yard work, lay concrete, clear dead trees and bushes and play with the kids. “It’s a really life changing experience; it’s amazing to see how half of the world lives,” H. Dobrowski said. The local church and the ACC work together with the World…

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Cross country gains new coach


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor WHS has been a part of several changes this year in sports with new coaches in football, boys basketball, baseball but also girls cross country. Tim Nowicki, Special education teacher, has become the new head coach of the girls cross country team. Don Rowley, Girls Athletic Director, has become the assistant coach. According to both Rowley and Nowicki, they are excited for the opportunity. “Running is looked at as a punishment by some people, so I think its great kids can go out there and do it for their school,” Rowley said. Rowley previously coached…

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Superfans create, release “Catpack Anthem”

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 1.53.03 PM

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Jacob Deltoro, Daniel Glowa, Kameron Hill and Nick Ricciardi, seniors, worked together to create the “Catpack Anthem” to get Superfans and WHS students pumped up. They decided to create the song, based on “Wild Boy” by MGK, after watching “Husky Flow” by Mini Van Jamz. “From that day on, we tried to make a good song for our school and the football team,” Hill said.  “We’ve got the best superfans in District 214.” According to Ricciardi, he and Hill spent about four hours working on the song, and after they wrote the lyrics, they went…

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Swierczek retires after years of working as dean

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor This year, Debra Swierczek, retired dean of students, has retired, and Dr. Ken Stiff, dean of students, replaced her. “She had a great relationship with students, staff and parents.  I think as deans we all strive to be proactive,” Dr. Stiff said. Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Stiff worked as the Associate Principal of Operations and Assistant Dean. According to Derek Swierczek, math teacher and son of Ms. Swierczek, Ms. Swierczek plans on spending her retirement traveling, visiting friends and spending time with his children.  Recently, Ms. Swierczek went on an Alaskan cruise. “I could…

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Musto competes in Nationals, wins silver medal

Jess Musto, displays her medals and plaques during freshman orientation on Aug. 16 to promote FCCLA to incoming freshman.

                            by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Jess Musto, senior, headed to Orlando, Fl. and won a silver medal in a “Star Competition” for fashion during the week of July 9, after qualifying at Regionals and State for the Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) design competition. “It was definitely nerve-wracking because you are at high stakes and want to do your best, but at the same time you know you have made it to Nationals, which is an accomplishment in itself,” Musto said. Accompanied by her parents,…

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Petersons bond with soccer: Sisters bring positive vibe to team, finish season strong

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Since Amanda Peterson, senior, will graduate this year, Emily Peterson, freshman, decided not to participate in softball but join her sister to play on the girls’ varsity soccer team. “It was a lot more fun for us personally this year,” A. Peterson said.  “Whenever she (E. Peterson) would throw in the ball, I would look at her and I could tell where it was going to go. It was like we were connected because we knew each other so well and knew how we were going to play.” According to E. Peterson, they have “twin telepathy,” even though…

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Zapata leaves Spanish classes to be mother

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor The next school year, Joanne Amador-Zapata, Spanish teacher, will no longer teach AP Spanish language to better care for her newborn. Ms. Zapata said she felt “bittersweet.”   She also said it feels “nice” because her son will be born, but she feels attached to her students. This year, apart from teaching AP, Ms. Zapata teaches Spanish 4 and 5, sponsors Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (SHADES) and helps organize and plan the Display of Cultures. AP classes add responsibilities that general-level classes do not. “General-level classes do not have study groups…

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Sobol travels, helps build schools in Angola

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor Getting Involved “It seemed like a very tangible thing to help another person on the other side of the world,” Mariola Sobol, Interact with Africa (Interact) sponsor, said. Ms. Sobol has been the sponsor for Interact since 2004. Sara Strauss, Interact sponsor, asked her to help cosponsor. “I knew that Ms. Sobol had an interest in traveling and a compassionate heart, so I sked her to cosponsor the club,” Ms. Strauss said. “Because I supervised her as a student teacher, I also knew that she worked well with students and was a strong leader.” The…

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Bender takes year off college to travel to Israel

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Adam Bender, senior, will take a year off college to travel to Israel, where he will  participate in a youth leadership program and take classes to learn Hebrew. He will spend eight and a half months in Israel and will not come visit family and friends in the U.S.  for holidays. Additionally, he will meet 12 of his friends in Israel so he will not be “completely isolated,” and he plans on visiting parts Europe during his winter break, including England, France and Italy. “I think it’s (not coming back for holidays) gonna be tough…

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Sanchez supports students’ aspirations, cultures

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor Despite having an busy schedule, Bertha Sanchez, social worker, continues to help students succeed throughout their high school careers. Ms. Sanchez works with various clubs at WHS including Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (SHADES), Latino Club and the Mentor Program. “She (Ms. Sanchez) wants to keep students involved. She helps students not only in education, but she also does her best to help students fit into the community. We want them to graduate and walk out of here with more than just a solid education, “ Marilyn Harrison, Instructional Assistant, said. In the…

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