March 29, 2017

Marquez fundraises for Relay For Life, other cancer charities


by Rosalie Chan, Web & News Editor     Ever since she has become cancer-free, Amanda Marquez, freshman, has raised money for cancer research because of her inspiration to give back to the community. “I feel that I need to give back since they (doctors, hospitals, cancer organizations) helped me.  It would help future patients get better,” Marquez said. Recently, Marquez participated in Relay for Life, an American Cancer Society event.  She raised and stayed overnight at the Wheeling Relay for Life event on May 19, where she participated in the survivor’s walk. Marquez was diagnosed in 2006, but now…

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Stankowicz helps perform surgeries in Honduras


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “Throughout the course of the week, I gave shots, put in catheters, removed I.V’s and stapled a patient’s abdomen,” Joanna Stankowicz, senior, said. “It was an incredible experience to be able to hold a melon-sized tumor while it was still in someone or to be able to be a part of a laparoscopic operation.” Stankowicz received the opportunity to travel to Honduras with Peggy Ochoa, close family friend and nurse at Evanston Hospital. While there, Stankowicz performed gynecological surgeries, such as the removal of tumors and uteruses. Some days, Stankoicz helped directly in the operating room,…

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First AVID class graduates

Avid 3

by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor The first class of AVID students will receive their diplomas this Sunday. “The current seniors have come a long way since their freshmen year. They achieved at a high level while at Wheeling, as evidenced by their good grades and high ACT scores,” Kevin Lennon, business and AVID teacher, said. The AVID program helps students prepare for college from the help of college tutors to the opportunities of college visits. Every year the AVID program interviews eighth graders, who applied and looks over their Explore scores, grades and their motivation for college. “All of the…

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Band performs at Senior Awards Concert

matt kulczak

by Rosalie Chan, Web & News Editor

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