March 29, 2017

Is there a difference between “Hispanic” and “Latino”?

by Amy Diaz-Hablich, staff reporter *This story was originally printed in Spanish on page 8 of Spokesman‘s 5th issue, released on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014.*   In a survey of twenty students, eleven of them answered that they didn’t know the difference between the words Hispanic and Latino. Of those who answered no, five answered that they didn’t have a preference of which word was used. So is there a difference between the two words?   It is important to explain the difference between the words Hispanic and Latino. Many times the two words generate confusion since both words describe similar traits. Although…

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Gama applies for deferred action, after two months, is approved

Gama faces obstacles on the path to citizenship, is of the first students to be approved and receive national ID card by Rossy Peralta, Asst. La Voz Editor Cecilia Gama, senior, received a national ID card in February. Gama was one of many undocumented students who benefited from the DREAM Act “(With the ID card) I can get a job and pay my (future) loans, even if I don’t get a lot of scholarships, I don’t have to live in debt,” Gama said. Deferred Action is a project for undocumented students who have been raised and educated in the United…

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Lack of parental involvement in the student lives of children

Latino Family Nights and PTO might join forces by Perla Jimenez, La Voz Editor Latino Family Nights and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) have always worked separately, for different goals. Recently, Erin DeLuga, associate principal, said they should work together to bring parents closer to the school and make them more involved in the student lives of their children. “Parents are the best people to touch base on (about students’ emotional needs) and how we can make parents feel more informed,” Ms. Deluga said. “It would be ideal to have more people contributing from the point of view of Latino…

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New folkloric dance club created, promoted


by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor In recent years, students from various cultures, both Latin American and otherwise have participated in unofficial folkloric dances for WHS. This year, Latino Club will attempt to bring these students together under the instruction of Minerva Solano, dance teacher. To attract interested students, two dance workshops were planned. The next workshop will run on Monday, Nov. 19. Ms. Solano has several activities planned for the workshop. In addition to teaching the basic steps of a folkloric dance, she also plans to model various traditional folkloric costumes and teach a bit about Latino culture. Gabriela…

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Latino Club fundraises for senior scholarships through Halloween party


Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Latino Club sponsored a Halloween party Oct. 28, which featured activities for children.  These activities included Operation Snowball games, cookie decorating, a pinata and other Halloween-themed activities.  The funds from admission and donations for this party went towards Latino Club senior scholarships.  

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First Event of Latino Club: Family Halloween Party


by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor This Sunday, Oct. 28, Latino Club will hold a new fundrasier: a Halloween party. The party will be open to people of all ages, but will focus on elementary school students. Latino Club members expect the party raise at least one more scholarship than last year. Gabriela Medina, social worker, said she also expected the party to affect the Hispanic community at a family level. She says the Latino Club is always looking for “events that promote family togetherness.” Caroline Tinoco, senior, says the event will be a success and expects a large number…

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Latinos celebrate Dia de los Muertos, maintain tradition

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Although Dia De Los Muertos is widely celebrated in Mexico, some students at WHS still observe this holiday. Dia De Los Muertos takes place Nov. 1 to 2, which corresponds with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. People traditionally commemorate children on Nov. 1, and adults on Nov. 2. “It’s a combination of Catholic saints and indigenous cultures,” Rebecca Castro, ELL Coordinator, said. “It represents the mix of Mexican cultures.” Angela Ibarra, senior, celebrates this holiday with her family. To celebrate, people traditionally put out ofrendas, altars dedicated to the dead. “I like it…

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Gama fights for career

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor “I can’t be a lawyer, a paramedic (or) a pastry chef,” Cecilia Gama, senior, said. This year, President Barack Obama’s executive order made Deferred Action possible for students. With Deferred Action, C. Gama will be able to follow her dream of becoming a professional lawyer. “I had doubts about it (Deferred Action) ’cause it’s not a concrete thing,” C. Gama said. Alberto Gama, sophomore and brother of C. Gama, said he is excited about the new program because being an immigrant “limits the opportunities you have, even if you deserve them.” Still, the two…

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Latino Club, Student Council supports DREAMers

First day to apply for Deferred Action brings more than 13 thousand immigrants by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor The first day to apply for deferred action, Latino Club and Student Council helped the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) direct DREAM Relief Day. “People bring their children to this country without knowing know the situation for them to be punished,” Chris Gonzalez, senior, said. The day focused on completing applications for Deferred Action and providing information about the program. Although about five thousand people were expected, more than 13,000 arrived. “As a teacher, I’d like for all…

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Students, teachers volunteer at Dream Relief Day


                            Photo used with permission by Sandra Chico by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Teacher and student volunteers from WHS met at 5:45 a.m. to leave for Navy Pier and volunteer at Dream Relief Day on Aug. 15, the first day undocumented immigrants can apply for deferment. President Barack Obama issued an executive order that allows undocumented immigrants to apply for deferment, which allows them to obtain a work permit and protected status in the U.S. for two years. At Dream Relief Day, undocumented immigrants could fill out…

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