March 27, 2017

‘Legally Blonde’ modernizes plot

Directors cut inappropriate content by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief The production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” will hit the stage on April 18 and features an edgy modern plot line, so modern that some pieces were cut to keep the plot school-appropriate. “The content and jokes are very current. We picked it because the rights for the play just came out; its really popular so we know it will bring a big audience because it’s so modern,” Stephen Colella, choir teacher, said. “We’ve cut it down because some of the lines and songs are not appropriate for a high school stage….

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Artist of the Month: Lemus prepares for college through art program


by Robert Perales, A&E Editor Throughout WHS, the art department plays a pivotal role in the dynamic of the student culture. To ensure that there is the same amount of recognition in the WHS art department as there is in many of our sports and core academic classes, Spokesman has decided to list an artist of the month as students from WHS continue to embark on producing new artistic pieces of work. This month’s artist of the month, Nikki Lemus, senior, is currently working on a new piece of work as she prepares to finalize her last few months as…

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Orchesis qualifies for state festival


By Chris Nush, Assistant A&E Editor “Almost Never Clearly Obscure,” a dance piece choreographed by Robert Perales, senior, has been selected for the Illinois State High School Dance Festival. Perales and Melody Beltran, junior, performed, the piece at the Orchesis Main Showcase, “We Have Arrived.” “It’s completely amazing and shocking to have been selected for State,” Perales said. “I know that my partner, Melody, and I have worked incredibly hard, but I didn’t know we would see this much success.” This has been both Perales and Beltran’s first year in Orchesis. “Its really crazy, its my first year so I didn’t think…

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Daaawns find competitive edge


Hard work leads to first time placement in seven years by Paige McCoy, Asst. Feature Editor For the first time in seven years, The Daaawns have made their mark at a competitive level as they placed grand champions at Wheaton Warrenville, which is one of the biggest competitions in the midwest.  They also placed first runner up at the Chicagoland Showcase and placed sixth in finals at the El Paso competition. “I think that placing well in our competitions is going to give us much more confidence for next year,” Nisha Karwal, junior, said. This year, The Daaawns received a…

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What to eat when stressed out

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor It is the second day of finals, and students, you guys are almost there.  Finals can be one the most stressful times of student’s high school career.  A cumulative test on everything learned from day one worth 20% of the final grade. Surprisingly enough, what a person eats before a test can help improve or disprove their overall performance.  Before a big test, one should eat oranges to keep calm.  Remaining calm before a big test will boost self-confidence and enhance academic performances. The reason why eating oranges helps relieve stress is they could be considered as…

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Truth and lies about food myths


by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor Food myths: strawberries whiten your teeth cucumbers get rid of bags under the eyes apples wake you up more than coffee does chocolate gives you acne Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to having a healthy body, there are always myths and rumors circulating about how different foods can harm or benefit the body.  There are four food myths that I have recently heard and decided to do some investigating. Food Myth #1: Strawberries can help whiten the teeth. Strawberries contain astringent and vitamin C, which are natural teeth whiteners.  Vitamin C helps remove stains…

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D214 Students Display Work in 2013 Traveling Arts Unlimited Photo Show

The work of District 214’s photography students is now on display in a traveling exhibit, the Arts Unlimited Photo Show, which began Wednesday, March 6, in Buffalo Grove High School’s (BGHS) Library. The exhibit is now making its way throughout all the other District 214 schools for viewing. Approximately 150 pieces are included in the show, which were judged by photographer and photo teacher, Jeff Dionesotes, on Friday, March 8. Dionesotes spoke to BGHS photography students on the day he judged the show, and discussed and shared both a sampling of his professional work, as well as work by his students at Barrington High…

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Orchesis hosts Dance for Life Benefit


Orchesis will host their 19th annual Dance for Life Next Generation event on Sunday, March 3rd from 5 to 7 p.m. The proceeds are donated to Dance for Life and the Children’s Place Association. The event will feature eleven youth companies performing professionally choreographed pieces by Chicago’s premier artists. Tickets for the benefit are $12.

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New Dawns competes again at Hersey

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief After advancing to finals in their last competition at El Paso, New Dawns will compete again at the Chicagoland Competition, held at Hersey High School tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. The show features songs such as “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera and “Lean Into It” by Sugarland and consists of the theme “Overcoming Adversity.” At the El Paso competition, New Dawns placed 6 out of 7 and made it to finals, which was a feat unaccomplished in years.

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Orchesis piece selected for IL State High School Dance Festival

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief  “Almost Never Clearly Obsecure,” a piece choreographed by Robert Perales, senior, was selected for the Illinois State High School Dance Festival, which will be held in May. “The piece is about someone’s inability to love,” Perales said. “My character basically turns to drugs and alcohol and by doing so, he hurts his relationship. These two people who belong together are corrupted by an entity that goes beyond their control. It’s just people hurting each other because they don’t know how to love one another anymore.” Melody Beltran, junior, performed as Perales partner in the duet. “She’s…

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