March 29, 2017

Picks of the Month: February

Album: Tegan and Sara’s latest effort, “Heartthrob,” combines elements of indie pop, rock and new wave. The album has been positively reviewed from fans and critics. The album’s singles, “Closer” and “I’m Not Your Hero” are sure to be hits among T&S fans.   App: The widely renowned multi-player app, “Fun Run,” follows a group of  woodland creatures that must overcome an obstacle course set up by opponents. The App is currently one of the highest grossing apps at the iTunes store.         Movie: After much anticipation, “Warm Bodies” saw a worldwide release on Feb. 1. The…

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Hollywood lacks originality with movies

by Megan Provost, Asst. Focus Editor What to look forward to in 2013: sequels, sequels and the occasional 3-D remake. Is it the audience’s unconditional love for these movies or the lack of original ideas in the cinematic industry that keep these same titles returning to the box office? Tired Plots The Hangover Part III, Release date: May 24 It was funny the first time…and the second…and the third? It’s already hard enough dealing with the same relentless plot consisting of drunk friends and crude humor almost every comedy out there today, and now do we have to watch the same…

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Bieber releases ‘Believe Acoustic’: Latest release abandons computer enhanced beats for acoustics


by Robert Perales, A&E Editor With the distribution of Justin Bieber’s latest re-release, “Believe Acoustic,” the question of whether or not the original release was good enough to even get a re-release arises. While the answer might be a simple no, “Believe Acoustic,” does much more for its audience than first anticipated. Although some tracks benefit from the different instrumental breakdowns – “Boyfriend” and “Take You”  – the majority of the re-released songs represent dry and depleted versions of the original tracks. The opening track, “Boyfriend,” is the only track on the album to fully display Bieber’s immense potential through…

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Musto, models exhibit fashion show at Millennium Park


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Jess Musto, senior, enlisted her friends to create a team consisting of models and a camera-crew to travel downtown and present a guerrilla fashion show at Millennium Park. “The jewelry I designed fit the feel of Millennium Park, and I knew Millennium Park was a public place that allowed filming,” Musto said. “Not many designers my age would be gutsy enough to ask a bunch of people to walk around in sharp jewelry that hurts and then wear it out in public. I just wanted to do something bold.” The video created was published on YouTube…

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Students successfully represent WHS at IMEA

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor After  an extensive audition process, the top placing students from Band were selected to compete and perform at the Illinois Music Education Association (IMEA) on Jan. 24, 25 and 26 in Peoria, Ill. Five WHS students were selected to compete at IMEA including Ronald Roth, junior, who placed fourth chair in the honor band out of 50 students. “I’ve played the trumpet for seven years. I felt great with that standing, but I do wish I would have practiced more. It is harder to make it twice in a row, but I hope I have…

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Orchestra gains fourth director in four years

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor Orchestra welcomed its new director Sarah Struebing, current Orchestra director,  after the departure of Alex Meza, previous Orchestra director, in late January. With the arrival of a new director, Orchestra welcomed its fourth director in just four years. However, Jami Kahn, senior, felt Ms. Struebing represents “stability and control” for the Orchestra program. “She really knows what she’s doing and is extremely prepared to take the reigns of the program, which is great because we really just need some stability and control right now. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m definitely expecting…

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International Thespian Society recognizes students involved in theater

by Katia Bryhadyr, Staff Reporter International Thespian Society (ITS) recognizes dedication to theater. Its an honorary organization internationally recognized. “Everyone in the entire school can benefit from knowing about it, because our program needs more interest and if people knew that there was someone recognizing them for that interest and is there to help promote interest, it would definitely help the entire program” Celine Dirkes, junior, said. ITS sponsors scholarships and you get international recognition. The club also they list job openings on their website. ITS helps all people involved in plays, speech team and fine arts, such as actors,…

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Orchesis hosts Flash Mob

Video by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief During the Pack the Place assembly, teachers and students from the crowd joined Orchesis in their flash mob to “Sweet Home Chicago.”

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Directors post ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ roles

2013-02-04 10.06.27

The following list describes which members received which parts for WHS’ Spring musical, “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Elle: Elizabeth Jassin Warren: Robert Perales Emmett: Marco Mazzetta Vivienne: Tegan Reschke Greek Chorus: Pilar: Maritza Carvajal Margot: Melody Beltran Serena: Maggie Monaxios Additional Greek Chorus: Shirley Nguyen, Maryssa Peterson, Lisette Rodriguez Delta Nus (include Greek Chorus) Gaelen: Lisette Rodriguez Kate: Maryssa Peterson Leilani: Donna Bledsoe Additional Delta Nus: Tia Allen, Jessica Ausnehmer, Meghan Ausnehmer, Megan Brezka, Kati Drake, Hannah Golden-Dalke, Christine Hannah, Kelly McKewin, Kaitlyn Nielsen, Sarah Rabin, Breton Spiller Saleswoman: Kailtyn Nielsen Store Manager: Sarah Rabin Frat Boys: Alex Barcenas, Chris…

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Tech crew work with electrical elements of ‘Wait Until Dark’


by Chris Nush, Asst. A&E Editor Photos by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor The winter play, Wait Until Dark, was not only a performance by the actors, but also the members of Tech Crew. “It was the most fantastic effort of Tech Crew, I’ve probably ever seen and they pulled it off so perfectly well,” Celine Dirkes, junior, said. In the play, Dirkes played Susy Hendrix.  According to Dirkes, tech crew had to be wary of lights turning on and off, as well as specific sound cues. “This was a very difficult show to tech because not only were there the…

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