March 29, 2017

‘The Hobbit’ best film of year


by Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter Whether  or not you have read the book, Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” is easily one of the best movies of the year. The movie is the first installment of  a trilogy that tells the tale of Bilbo Baggins, a home-loving hobbit from the Shire going on an adventure with 13 dwarves and Gandolf the Grey, a wizard, to restore the lost city of the dwarves, Erebor. Right from the beginning, you will notice how captivating the scenery and characters are. You feel like you’re in the scenes, not just viewing them. What was really well…

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Hakuya Sushi thrives despite competitive market


by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor With the struggling economy, new businesses are hard to come by and hard to keep afloat, especially young resturants looking to survive the economic world. On March 26, a sushi restaurant called Hakuya Sushi opened on Dundee Road. The newly found resturant stood out from all other sushi bars in the area due to its rich family background and passion to make sushi. As a young boy, Chuck Yong, restaurant owner, began to take interest in making sushi and the Japanese culture due to his grandfather. Although Yong’s family was of South Korean descent, Yong’s…

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Orchesis celebrates Alumni through Winter Showcase


by Chris Nush, Staff Reporter After their performance in Dance Chicago’s Future Stars concert, WHS’s Orchesis program  announced it’s annual Winter Showcase. The main theme of the Winter Showcase was to show how WHS alumni were continuing their careers in dance. “There’s a lot of alumni out there doing pretty cool stuff and continuing careers in dance,” Diane Rawlinson, Orchesis director, said. “And so this year, I decided I wanted to celebrate  a number of things our alumni are doing.” The showcase was dedicated to Scott Bartell,  a guest choreographer for Orchesis. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed…

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Students receive recognition at Harper Art Show


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Harper Community College hosted its annual art show on Nov. 30 where District 211, 214 and Barrington High School all participate by entering 2-D and 3-D artwork to be judged by faculty. Jess Musto, senior, received first, second and third place in the WHS 3-D artwork category. “I was caught off guard and wasn’t expecting to win because only two students get the award,” Musto said. “This is my first year of taking art classes, so I didn’t think my chances were favorable.” Musto is the first student from WHS to win this award. She also…

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Orchestra members play at wedding

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor After countless hours of rehearsal, Orchestra  members Asher Crawley,  Jami Kahn, Katrina Gustafson, and Connor Leuck, seniors, took their musical knowledge beyond the Orchestra room of WHS and performed at a local wedding on Dec. 15, 2012. According to Gustafson, the members practiced, “about thirty minutes to an hour a week since October.” Aside from the amount of practice the Orchestra members received, Kahn felt that the job was a growing experience. “We were actually pretty independent. We ended up having to arrange the wedding march ourselves because we weren’t able to get a copy…

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Band performs at Holiday Extravaganza, features ‘Frosty the Snowboy’


Photos by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

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Students participate in annual Creative Writing Day


Videos by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor The following videos are slam poetry performances of the two WHS students who performed: Perla Jiménez, senior, and Celine Dirkes, junior.

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Local students receive recognition at Harper Art Show

by Rossy Peralta, Staff Reporter Harper Community College hosted its annual art show on Nov. 30 where District 211, 214 and Barrington High School all participate by entering 2-D and 3-D artwork to be judged by faculty. As a result of being a jury show, students can enter their artwork, but  faculty members choose the artwork that would be appropriate. “I would say that work that has a well crafted, high quality work, but also has an interesting concept behind it is usually well received,” Rebeccah Silver, art teacher, said. Jess Musto, senior, entered the 3-D artwork category. Musto received…

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One Direction fails to show growth

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor Preceded by a critically acclaimed performance on the X-factor, One Direction released its sophomore effort, “Take Me Home,” on Nov. 13. Despite the massive hype built around “Home,” the album fails to venture far from the debut, “Up All Night.” The lead single, “Live While We’re Young” closely resembles their previous chart topping singles, while also maintaining the success. The teen pop track features heavy production on a catchy chorus that exclaims the need to “Live While We’re Young.” Despite a peak at number three on the billboard hot 100, the group’s highest charting single…

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AC3 sets high gaming standard


by Keira Skenandore, Staff Artist Ubisoft sets the bar with the newly released video game, “Assassin’s Creed 3,” which has proven to be one of the best releases of 2012. “AC3” redefines the beauty of video games with its magnificent settings, thoughtful characters and excellent cinematics. The storyline follows Connor Kenway, a part-British, part-Native  American man who trains to become an assassin to ensure the safety of his tribe and to avenge the death of his mother. The timeline parallels colonial American history, and along the way, Kenway assists in liberating the USA from British tyranny. The game’s writers did…

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