March 29, 2017

‘Stampede’ stands strong despite school sponsorship

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Wheeling, Hersey and Buffalo Grove High Schools “typically” never get along, especially in athletics. Fans taunt opposing players and schools whenever they play against each other resulting in bad blood throughout the conference. That is all forgotten about on the ice. The three schools have combined forces to make a powerhouse of a hockey team, nicknamed the “Stampede,” which is coached by Bob Wagner, head hockey coach. The Stampede competes in the IHSL High School Hockey League where its biggest rival is Warren, according to Austin Lockwood, senior and junior varsity player. “Warren is our…

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Peterson moves to varsity level, stands as most improved player

by Kelly McKewin, Asst. Sports Editor Moving to Varsity Coming into a team of seniors, Maryssa Peterson, junior, has “fit in well” with the rest of the varsity girls bowling team. She scored her highest game ever, a 242, a high series of 531 and averaged between a 150 and 165 the entire season. “That 242, I’m really proud of that. Before my high game was like a 225, so I really did  improve,” Peterson said. This year was Peterson’s first year on the varsity team, and according to Beth Anderson, bowling coach, she has improved immensely. “Her average from…

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Wieder: ‘We haven’t reached full potential’

by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter Despite the one game win out of last year’s season, Jason Wieder, new baseball coach, plans to change the whole program and keep a positive attitude for the future and the players. “The team is made up of some of the best players I believe haven’t reached full potential, and I‘ve also seen great senior leadership and some good underclassmen talent,” Coach Wieder said. According to David Shapiro, senior and varsity captain, Coach Wieder knows what he is doing and connects with his players. Coach Wieder also wants to improve the team chemistry and promote…

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Sports scandals shed negative light

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter The recent discoveries of Lance Armstrong getting caught for doping along with Manti Te’o getting “catfished” sheds a negative light on the integrity of sports and strays from the true meaning. In this day in age, seeing a major athlete get in trouble for performance enhancing drugs (PED) is not uncommon. Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Shawne Merriman are a few of the major athletes who were caught. The younger generation of athletes are coming in faster and stronger. The older athletes need to keep the competitive edge, so they resort to PED’s. I don’t…

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Polar cats train for spring sports season

by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter With the start of the Track Season, athletes have worked hard to prepare for the sport through Polar Cats, an informal club that was helped organized by Tom Polak, track coach. “It’s mostly motivation, and it’s not just track; it can be for people who just want to get fit and work hard,” Coach Polak  said. Outside, in the freezing air, members would run around the school to train for the upcoming sports, especially Track. Polar Cats started the first week of November and ended on Jan. 25 when the track season started. “I joined…

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Wildcats, Prospect play close game for Pack the Place


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor With a final score of 55-54, Prospect, the varsity boys basketball team played a close game at the Pack the Place game on Feb. 1.  The action between both teams heated up intensely in the last quarter. “I thought it was great.  There were a lot of fans there.  Even though we didn’t win, it was still an exciting atmosphere,” Jeremy Stephani, junior, said.  “I was proud of the way we played.  We outplayed them most of the game, although I thought the way it ended was unfortunate.” At the end of the first quarter,…

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Varsity girls basketball loses to Huntley


Photos by Erik Hernandez, Asst. News Editor, and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Reporting by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Varsity girls basketball played against Huntley on Jan. 28 at home.  The Wildcats lost, 36-46. “The game overall, we battled defensively for sure.  We were able to adjust our defense all four quarters, which is hard to do,” Julissa Hernandez, varsity girls basketball coach, said. The Wildcats currently prepare for conference and regionals.  The overall record is 7-18.     Check out the livestream broadcast at

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Hardwood Classic Broadcasts

WHS hosted the annual Hardwood Classic on Dec. 26 to Dec. 29.  Check out broadcasts below, with commentary and broadcasting by Derek Spallone, Guest Broadcast Reporter.

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Nowry recognized in Sports Illustrated

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Max Nowry, ‘08 graduate, is not a well known name like Jay Cutler, Derrick Rose or Patrick Kane, but the 5’2” 121 pound senior at Northern Michigan University is definitely on his way. Nowry recently won the gold medal at the Greco-Roman wrestling at the University World Championships on Oct. 5 in Finland. After Nowry won that medal, he was chosen to be in the “Faces in the Crowd” section in Sports Illustrated. The “Faces in the Crowd” section is a page where Sports Illustrated picks the best eight to ten high school or collegiate…

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Basketball loses players to injuries


by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter The girls basketball team experienced injuries this season resulting in a loss of four players, which caused the team to broaden their experiences with new roles. Jessi Zuba, senior and three-year varsity player, is one of those four. During the first 41 seconds of their first game, Zuba was driving the ball to the basket, and an opposing team member stepped on her foot. Hailey Dammeier, sophomore and two-year varsity player, could relate. Dammeier  fractured her tibia while playing defense at the fifth game. They both still attend practice and do the same stretches, but…

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