March 29, 2017

Gymnastics places, starts strong


by Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter Every day, the six girls on the varsity gymnastics team practice, condition, and work on routines and tricks, hoping that their efforts will pay off when it comes time for their meets. This season, it appears their “hard work” has. This year, the team won the first home meet, and Anne Janulis, junior, received first place in the all-around at a meet against Rolling Meadows High School. Other girls have placed individually in the dual meets. “We keep improving at every meet. My hope for the team is to get at least ninth place in…

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Zuunbayan impresses team despite freshman status


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor Tulga Zuunbayan, freshman, has been deemed as an “amazing wrestler” by the senior members. Zuunbayan, in weight class 138, currently has a record of 17-6. According to Neil Weiner, wrestling coach, he is the leading scorer and has the best record on the team so far. “He has improved tremendously over the course of the season,” Coach Weiner said. Zuunbayan recently arrived to WHS from California, and he placed third in the Wildcat Invitational on Dec. 8. The Wildcat Invitational is a well-regarded tournament, according to Coach Weiner. WHS placed ninth overall. It is easy…

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December Sports Spotlight: Ally Pink


Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Ally Pink, senior on varsity gymnastics 1. What’s your favorite movie? “A Night at the Roxbury.” 2. What’s your favorite song? “Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.” 3. Jeans or sweats? “Sweats.” 4. Where are you going to college next year? “I’m hoping to go up to University of Minnesota.” 5. How long have you been doing gymnastics? “I’ve been in gymnastics for about 13 years.” 6. What events are you in? “I do all around. That includes vault, bars, beam and floor.” 7. Which one is your favorite? “Floor is my favorite.” 8….

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December Sports Spotlight: Brandon Harris


Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Brandon Harris, senior on varsity wrestling 1. Who’s your favorite collegiate team to root for? “My favorite team is Wisconsin.” 2. What do you want to be when you’re older? “I want to be a professional trainer, actor or a pro boxer.” 3. What’s your favorite pump-up song? “‘My Time’ by Fabolous.” 4. What other organized sports have you played throughout your life besides wrestling? “I’ve done track, baseball, football, basketball, floor hockey, freestyle and greco roman wrestling.” 5. Why did you pick wrestling as your main sport to focus on? “I focus…

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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 14


Mike Pink’s Rankings Mark Tannous’s Rankings Quarterbacks: 1. Peyton Manning 2. Tom Brady 3. Drew Brees 4. Aaron Rodgers 5. Andrew Luck 6. Cam Newton 7. Robert Griffin III 8. Matt Ryan 9. Josh Freeman 10. Andy Dalton Quarterbacks: 1. Robert Griffin III 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Drew Brees 4. Tom Brady 5. Andrew Luck 6. Cam Newton 7. Matthew Stafford 8. Eli Manning 9. Tony Romo 10. Colin Kaepernick Running Backs: 1. Trent Richardson 2. Marshawn Lynch 3. Doug Martin 4. Jamaal Charles 5. Adrian Peterson 6. Ahmad Bradshaw 7. Ray Rice 8. Arian Foster 9. Chris Johnson 10….

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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 13


Mike Pink’s Rankings Mark Tannous’s Rankings Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Matt Stafford Cam Newton Robert Griffin III Tony Romo Andy Dalton Eli Manning Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan Robert Griffin III Matthew Stafford Tony Romo Eli Manning Cam Newton Andrew Luck Running Backs: Arian Foster Trent Richardson Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles Ray Rice Doug Martin CJ Spiller Chris Johnson Marshawn Lynch Stevan Ridley Running Backs: Arian Foster Trent Richardson Adrian Peterson CJ Spiller Doug Martin Jamaal Charles Ray Rice Alfred Morris Frank Gore Bryce Brown Wide Receivers: AJ Green Calvin Johnson…

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Who’s beneath the suit?

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter While other schools like Rolling Meadows High School and Elk Grove High School have a designated student to be the mascot and pump up the crowd during football games, basketball games and other school events, WHS does not. Willie the Wildcat has been the official mascot of WHS for as long as anyone can remember. He would make appearances during pep assemblies and games. With the upcoming basketball season, any students interested in becoming a mascot should head down to Students Activities and talk to Dr. Steven May, Assistant Principal and Dean of Student Activities….

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Girls basketball bonds over community service work


by Paige McCoy, Staff Reporter The girls varsity and sophomore basketball teams plan to participate in five community service events during their season to promote team bonding and giving back to the community. “It helps us bond because we get a chance to see each other when we are not in basketball,” Hailey Dammeier, sophomore, said. “We get to talk about stuff and get away from sports. This helps us to communicate better, get to know each other and better predict people’s actions on the court.” On Thursday, Oct. 25, the girls helped with Hoops for Africa, sponsored by Interact…

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Godlewski advances to State, places 25th in backstroke


Theresa Godlewski, sophomore, advanced to State, which took place Nov. 16, competing in the 100-yard backstroke and 100-yard freestyle. Once again, she broke the school record for the 100 backstroke, with a time of 58.43 seconds. At State, she placed 25th for the backstroke. In the 100 freestyle, she placed 41st, with a time of 53.68 seconds.

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Girls cross country adjusts to new coaches


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor With two new members of the coaching staff, Tim Nowicki and Don Rowley, girls cross country coaches,  the team still managed to send three girls to Sectionals. “The season went great. We improved so much with the new coaches (Rowley and Nowicki),” Marta Dzundza, junior, said. “The best runner on the team was me, but Melissa Rodriguez (freshman)  beat me at Sectionals.” According to Dzundza, the girls were more “committed” this season. “We were a lot more serious and committed this season than we were last season. New coaches brought a lot of good changes…

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