March 29, 2017

Varsity football continues to fight throughout game, loses to Rolling Meadows


Video created by: Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief The Wheeling varsity football team continued to fight through Friday, Sept. 12’s game versus Rolling Meadows. The night featured a Hometown Celebration, which honored WHS alumni, David Tuber and Dr. Melissa Thal. Tuber graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Traditional Animation, where he went on to work with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. He is currently working on a Lego feature set to release in February 2014. Thal graduated from Indiana University with a degree in biochemistry and a minor in mathematics. She went on to graduate school at the University of…

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Football atmosphere changes, grows


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “The game atmosphere is very intense and serious,” Chad Mikosz, senior and varsity football player, said. “It’s kind of electrifying. We should have this energy all the time.” The highlights of the current football season include the last second field goal win against Mundelein and a struggle with Fremd. Further, WHS has said goodbye to Dave Dunbar, previous varsity football coach, and welcomed Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, with his track record of changing Prospect High School’s football program. After the long summer of practices, changes to the program and Superfans waiting to pump the crowd,…

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Godlewski breaks school’s backstroke record

by Jess Musto, Sports Editor Last year, Theresa Godlewski, sophomore, broke the 100 yard backstroke record at Sectionals with a time of 1:01.5, which was considered a “great achievement” for the then freshman. The now sophomore started the season off by breaking her record at the first home meet by 0.02  seconds with a time of 1:01.48. “When I was swimming it, I wasn’t thinking about the record, but when I finished and saw what I did it made me feel good that I did it so early in the season,” Godlewski said. According to Lisa Poyner, varsity girls swimming…

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Cross country gains new coach


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor WHS has been a part of several changes this year in sports with new coaches in football, boys basketball, baseball but also girls cross country. Tim Nowicki, Special education teacher, has become the new head coach of the girls cross country team. Don Rowley, Girls Athletic Director, has become the assistant coach. According to both Rowley and Nowicki, they are excited for the opportunity. “Running is looked at as a punishment by some people, so I think its great kids can go out there and do it for their school,” Rowley said. Rowley previously coached…

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Activity fees rise to $50

One time activity fees prove beneficial to families by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor The activity cost this year has risen from $25 to $50 for students involved in sports and other competing activities. This year, the fee will be a flat total fee of $50 to join as many sports and activities as the student desires, instead of paying $25 per sport and a cap of $100. “This helps save money and allows more students to participate in multiple activities,” Dr. Steve May, assistant principal of student activities, said. Students can now participate in as many sports as they want…

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Wildcats defeat Hoffman Estates in overtime


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Varsity football defeated Hoffman Estates in a close home game on Sept. 14, making a touchdown in overtime at the last play for a final score of 26-20. “It’s not the type of game we want to lay, but we overcame a lot of adversity and played good defense,” Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, said.  “At times we’ve run the ball better.  I thought the defense ran some well, but we’ve got some work to do.” The first three quarters of the game, the Wildcats were winning.  At the end of the first quarter, the…

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Live Broadcast: Wildcats defeat Hawks

Watch the following videos below for commentary on last night’s football game versus Hoffman Estates by Mark Tannous, broadcast editor, and Mike Pink, staff reporter. Part 1: Part 2:

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Superfans create, release “Catpack Anthem”

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 1.53.03 PM

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Jacob Deltoro, Daniel Glowa, Kameron Hill and Nick Ricciardi, seniors, worked together to create the “Catpack Anthem” to get Superfans and WHS students pumped up. They decided to create the song, based on “Wild Boy” by MGK, after watching “Husky Flow” by Mini Van Jamz. “From that day on, we tried to make a good song for our school and the football team,” Hill said.  “We’ve got the best superfans in District 214.” According to Ricciardi, he and Hill spent about four hours working on the song, and after they wrote the lyrics, they went…

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Wildcat football defeats Mundelein at home game


Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor     Varsity football won against Mundelein at the first home game, 23-22.  The game took place on Aug. 24.  Many students who attended the game wore white for the theme of “White-out.”

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Petersons bond with soccer: Sisters bring positive vibe to team, finish season strong

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Since Amanda Peterson, senior, will graduate this year, Emily Peterson, freshman, decided not to participate in softball but join her sister to play on the girls’ varsity soccer team. “It was a lot more fun for us personally this year,” A. Peterson said.  “Whenever she (E. Peterson) would throw in the ball, I would look at her and I could tell where it was going to go. It was like we were connected because we knew each other so well and knew how we were going to play.” According to E. Peterson, they have “twin telepathy,” even though…

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