March 29, 2017

Ice cream remains as ideal comfort food

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor After a hard day at work or a rough breakup, people always recommend Rocky Road ice cream to help chase the blues away. Why does ice cream seem to be the comfort food that many people resort to? The truth lies further than its flavor but also includes its cold temperature and smooth texture. Scientist have found through a brain scan that with every spoonful of ice cream someone eats, the cold temperature lights up the same pleasure center in the frontal cortex of the brain as winning the lottery or listening to favorite song…

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Vitamin Water offers no health benefits

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor Since I was a little girl, I have been involved in athletic programs, from the district soccer team to the school’s track and field team. Throughout the athletic history, staying hydrated is the key to survival, yet athletics and companies are finding different beverages to stay quenched. Vitamin Water has become the “new trend” to staying hydrated and healthy.  The fetish seemed to start when I was in sixth grade when all my friends were accompanying their lunches with the latest flavor of Vitamin Water. Vitamin Water is made under the same company as Coca…

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What to eat when stressed out

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor It is the second day of finals, and students, you guys are almost there.  Finals can be one the most stressful times of student’s high school career.  A cumulative test on everything learned from day one worth 20% of the final grade. Surprisingly enough, what a person eats before a test can help improve or disprove their overall performance.  Before a big test, one should eat oranges to keep calm.  Remaining calm before a big test will boost self-confidence and enhance academic performances. The reason why eating oranges helps relieve stress is they could be considered as…

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Truth and lies about food myths


by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor Food myths: strawberries whiten your teeth cucumbers get rid of bags under the eyes apples wake you up more than coffee does chocolate gives you acne Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to having a healthy body, there are always myths and rumors circulating about how different foods can harm or benefit the body.  There are four food myths that I have recently heard and decided to do some investigating. Food Myth #1: Strawberries can help whiten the teeth. Strawberries contain astringent and vitamin C, which are natural teeth whiteners.  Vitamin C helps remove stains…

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