March 29, 2017

Editorial: Cyberbullying sheds negative light

Walking through the hallways, we encounter people from a wide array of backgrounds, but we are all linked by one factor: We attend WHS. A community has the ability and responsibility to take pride in its surroundings and hold each other accountable for their actions. Recently, Spokesman became aware of events specifically concerning two student-created Facebook pages that commit acts of cyberbullying crimes. The students at WHS have a social responsibility to govern one another. They should discourage the disgusting comments written online, for it reflects on the school badly. The pages featured pictures of girls and hatefully drew attention…

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Who’s beneath the suit?

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter While other schools like Rolling Meadows High School and Elk Grove High School have a designated student to be the mascot and pump up the crowd during football games, basketball games and other school events, WHS does not. Willie the Wildcat has been the official mascot of WHS for as long as anyone can remember. He would make appearances during pep assemblies and games. With the upcoming basketball season, any students interested in becoming a mascot should head down to Students Activities and talk to Dr. Steven May, Assistant Principal and Dean of Student Activities….

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Girls basketball bonds over community service work


by Paige McCoy, Staff Reporter The girls varsity and sophomore basketball teams plan to participate in five community service events during their season to promote team bonding and giving back to the community. “It helps us bond because we get a chance to see each other when we are not in basketball,” Hailey Dammeier, sophomore, said. “We get to talk about stuff and get away from sports. This helps us to communicate better, get to know each other and better predict people’s actions on the court.” On Thursday, Oct. 25, the girls helped with Hoops for Africa, sponsored by Interact…

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Photo Slideshow: Fall Play of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Photos by Jessica Livingston, Staff Photographer Shakespeare’s widely renowned play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” follows a group of four Athenian lovers, who are made to fall in love with the wrong person by a group of fairies.  

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Students chosen to represent WHS at IMEA


by Chris Nush, Staff Reporter Twenty-four students from the music department were selected to perform ensembles for the Illinois Music Educators Association’s (IMEA) district VII this fall. After auditioning for IMEA, Kaitlyn Nielsen, senior, felt that her performance did not go as well as she hoped. “It was a catastrophe,” Nielsen said. “I was disappointed because I missed a note in the scales.” When she discovered she had been chosen for IMEA, she said she felt really excited. Nine jazz band, 11 concert band, one orchestra and three concert choir players have been selected from WHS. IMEA is a conference…

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Conferences lack in parent participation

pt conference color

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Parent teacher conferences took place Nov. 7, and while many parents now use the option of registering online, staff noted that the conference attendance has stayed relatively low every year. “Well, it’s usually the parents of the kids who are doing good who show up.  It would be better to see parents of low-performing kids show up,” Joann Chilver, math teacher, said. According to Kathy Valin, secretary to the associate principal for instruction, parents’ working at night also affects participation at conferences. In order to spread the word about parent teacher conferences, WHS sends out a…

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Prospect Heights tree given to Daley Plaza for lighting ceremony


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief As the 64-foot high Colorado spruce tree was lifted off the ground onto a flatbed, the Theiszmann family of Prospect Heights said goodbye to the 66-year-old tree. This special delivery will be given to downtown Chicago for the holidays this year for its 99th annual tree lighting ceremony. The tree was transported to the Daley Plaza where the ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20. “We are very proud, the mayor especially. We always like to see Prospect Heights shown in a positive light,” Anne Marrin, Prospect Heights administrator, said. The tree…

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Student Council donates more food to families

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 7.46.12 AM

by Katia Bryhadyr, Staff Reporter Student Council distributed over 10,000 flyers on Saturday, Nov. 3, encouraging people to give food, coats and recycled electronics for this Thanksgiving season with the annual canned food drive to help families in the Wheeling community. People around Wheeling left canned food at their door, and on Saturday, Nov. 10, Student Council picked up the donations. “It feels good to give back to the community,” Isabel Chan, sophomore, said. “We don’t think about hungry people, and it’s good to be aware that there are families out there that need the support.” Eighteen groups of students…

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Three clubs join to mentor Twain students


by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor Students from a variety of extracurricular activities, including Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (S.H.A.D.E.S), Operation Snowball and Latino Club had the opportunity to mentor a group of fourth grade students from Mark Twain Elementary School. The mentoring program aims to set positive role models for the elementary students to look up to and confide in. WHS students will not tutor or teach the students, but they will  work on creating a trust-based relationship with them. “The (Twain) kids were in awe,” Raymundo Galarza, social worker, said. They asked me ‘and we’re gonna…

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Programs help close Hispanic Achievement Gap

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 7.35.16 AM

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Throughout the Northwest suburbs, Hispanic students have improved on standardized test scores, but an achievement gap remains between them and their peers.  However, WHS has worked to close this achievement gap. On average, Hispanic students at WHS have performed better on standardized testing for math than Hispanic students in the district and state, with 56.3 percent of them meeting or exceeding expectations on the math portion of the PSAE, compared to 50.5 percent of Hispanics in District 214 and 36.2 percent in the state. WHS works to close this gap by offering courses with career…

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