March 27, 2017

Battlebots bridges engineering and entertainment

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Students participating in battlebots competed in the annual district competition last week on Friday, Feb. 27 and Saturday, Feb. 28. One of the WHS’s four robots placed second in the district. “We went to the competition knowing we were going to try our best, but we knew that competition was going to be very difficult.  The accomplishment was truly amazing and it took a lot of teamwork to make it happen. It is definitely something we are all very proud of and could not be happier with the outcome,” Theodore Fousekis, sophomore, said. Fousekis was the leader of the team…

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Wrestling ends regular season ranked 22


WHS wrestling has finished the 2014-2015 season with a record of 23-3, an achievement that has also earned the Wildcats a 22nd ranking of all class 3A wrestling teams in the state of Illinois. As a team, the Wildcats have had one of their most successful seasons in several years, according to Neal Weiner, head werstling coach. “I believe that this year sets the stage for us to be one of the better teams in Illinois in the next few seasons,” Weiner said. On Jan. 31, the Wildcats took 6th out of 13 teams at the MSL meet, a result…

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D214 switches to Infinite Campus system


D214 has switched on from its old HomeLogic grading system to the new Infinite Campus system. On Monday, Jan. 5 and Tuesday, Jan. 6, teachers received training on how to use Infinite Campus. Basic training involved how to use the grade book and setting up attendance. Teachers also received specific training depending on their occupation. Students are expected to receive instructions in an informative video that explains how to use the new system. However, creating that video has posed a challenge as a real student would have to use their account to log in to the system in order to…

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District 214 new pool rules


New rules have been implemented in D214 regarding pool dress codes. The new rules state that all girls wearing a two piece must wear a shirt over her bathing suit, and boys are no longer allowed to wear speedos in the pool. “Who wears a speedo in school for swimming class?” Alicja Sieracka, freshman, asked me when I told her about the new rule regarding speedos. Even though I’ve never seen a speedo during school outside a swim meet, I have seen a lot of two piece and bikinis in the pool over only two years. “I have yet to…

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Jazz Band competes at Northshore Jazz Festival


On Saturday, Jan. 24, Jazz Band One, Jazz Band Two and Jazz Band Combo traveled to Glenbrook South High School to perform at the North Shore Jazz Festival. Band won numerous awards and three students went home with soloist awards. Jazz Band Two earned a Division One Rating and second place in class, while the Jazz Combo earned a Division One Rating and took home the first place award. Jazz Band One earned a Division One Rating, first place in Class AA and the Grand Champion Award as the best jazz band of the day. Numerous students won awards for…

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Time capsule opened in honor of 50th anniversary


In light of the 50th anniversary of WHS’s opening, a time capsule was opened. The capsule was buried in the walls of the school when it was built and features items from the earliest days of WHS’s opening. Among the items in the time capsule were pictures, a binder of newspaper clippings relating to the building and the opening of the school and a ballot from the referendum in which community members voted to open another school. “(The time capsule) was very interesting. It was neat to see a part of history and how they did things back then,” Angela…

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Interacting with Angola: a cultural exchange

by Kelly McKewin, Co-Editor-in-Chief *This story was originally printed on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, in Spokesman’s sixth issue of the year.* With 7,500 miles separating Wheeling from Angola, at times it might seem as though the two places are a world apart. However, members of Interact with Africa recently had the chance to see some of the similarities between the two places, when two students from an Angolan village came to speak to the club. Elvis Huambo and Irmina Huambo, a brother and sister from Angola, both live in a village that is near the first school Interact with Africa…

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Is there a difference between “Hispanic” and “Latino”?

by Amy Diaz-Hablich, staff reporter *This story was originally printed in Spanish on page 8 of Spokesman‘s 5th issue, released on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014.*   In a survey of twenty students, eleven of them answered that they didn’t know the difference between the words Hispanic and Latino. Of those who answered no, five answered that they didn’t have a preference of which word was used. So is there a difference between the two words?   It is important to explain the difference between the words Hispanic and Latino. Many times the two words generate confusion since both words describe similar traits. Although…

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Laing goes extra mile, runs marathon with his father

Dakota Laing, senior, and his father, Scott Laing, ran their first marathon together on September 22, 2013. D. Laing said he was satisfied with his results. “Usually people run their first marathon in about four hours,” D. Laing said.“We came in at about 3:45:00. I was pretty proud.” However, after running 26 miles straight, D. Laing felt pain along with his pride. “My legs were in constant pain for about 3 or 4 hours after the race was over.” D. Laing said. At least the Laings had some sweet treats to come home to afterwards. “Mom made a bunch of…

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Accounting students gain experience from Relay, contest

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor After taking College Accounting, students had the opportunity to compete at Harper College’s High School Accounting Contest and work at the Relay For Life accounting tents on Saturday, May 4. “For Relay For Life, it’s a great thing that first, they’re volunteering and helping out, second, they get hands-on training, and third, they get hands-on experience.  It’s difficult to get hands on accounting experience,” Kevin Lennon, business teacher, said. Nick Ricciardi, senior, took College Accounting last semester, and he plans on going into the business field. “It looks good on resumes, but I can learn…

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