March 29, 2017

Orchesis celebrates Alumni through Winter Showcase


by Chris Nush, Staff Reporter After their performance in Dance Chicago’s Future Stars concert, WHS’s Orchesis program  announced it’s annual Winter Showcase. The main theme of the Winter Showcase was to show how WHS alumni were continuing their careers in dance. “There’s a lot of alumni out there doing pretty cool stuff and continuing careers in dance,” Diane Rawlinson, Orchesis director, said. “And so this year, I decided I wanted to celebrate  a number of things our alumni are doing.” The showcase was dedicated to Scott Bartell,  a guest choreographer for Orchesis. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed…

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WPAC reaches out through Shave for the Shore


by Paige McCoy, Staff Reporter Wheeling Political Action Club (WPAC) hosted “Shave for the Shore” on Dec. 7, an event to raise funds through Habitat for Humanity, which will be used to help rebuild homes that were ruined by Hurricane Sandy. “Shave for the Shore is awesome. It shows their (WPAC’s) compassion and willingness to show people what matters. It’s an opportunity to be creative and think of the best way to raise money,” Sandra Chico, WPAC adviser, said. With the help of WPAC and seven teachers, WHS gave back to those affected by Hurricane Sandy as they raised $549.16…

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Former principal Dr. Shirley passes away, leaves legacy

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by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor With a legacy of working as principal for 25 years, Dr. Tom Shirley, former principal, passed away Dec. 2 at age 82. In 1956, Dr. Shirley started teaching math at Arlington High School.  He became assistant principal at WHS when it opened in 1964.  The next year, he became principal.  He has worked at WHS ever since, until he retired in 1990. “He really made Wheeling High School what it was for the first 25 years of its existence.  He was actually principal longer than all the rest of us combined,” Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal,…

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Students receive recognition at Harper Art Show


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Harper Community College hosted its annual art show on Nov. 30 where District 211, 214 and Barrington High School all participate by entering 2-D and 3-D artwork to be judged by faculty. Jess Musto, senior, received first, second and third place in the WHS 3-D artwork category. “I was caught off guard and wasn’t expecting to win because only two students get the award,” Musto said. “This is my first year of taking art classes, so I didn’t think my chances were favorable.” Musto is the first student from WHS to win this award. She also…

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Orchestra members play at wedding

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor After countless hours of rehearsal, Orchestra  members Asher Crawley,  Jami Kahn, Katrina Gustafson, and Connor Leuck, seniors, took their musical knowledge beyond the Orchestra room of WHS and performed at a local wedding on Dec. 15, 2012. According to Gustafson, the members practiced, “about thirty minutes to an hour a week since October.” Aside from the amount of practice the Orchestra members received, Kahn felt that the job was a growing experience. “We were actually pretty independent. We ended up having to arrange the wedding march ourselves because we weren’t able to get a copy…

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Sophomores can buy parking tags

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Since the parking lot no longer has an overcrowding problem, WHS will now allow sophomores who have their driver’s licenses to purchase parking tags. According to Ramon Williams, dean, another factor for this administrative decision was that in order for students to receive their driver’s licenses, they must have had driving experience with their permit for nine months. “For sophomores in the past, we always said no because it was about overcrowding and responsibility and safe driving,” Dr. Ken Stiff, dean, said.  “Safe driving is a skill, and it takes maturity.  We really decided that…

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Rodriguez works nights, balances school, work, wrestling

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor David Rodriguez, senior, wakes up at dawn to go to work, yet he manages to balance working the night shift with school and his participation in varsity wrestling. Rodriguez first started working at 5 Aces Delivery in the summer, but now during the school year, he works the night shift between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m..  He works there for an average of three hours, and he delivers Chicago Tribune newspapers. “I started working there because my mom worked there,” Rodriguez said.  “The first week was kind of tough. After the first week I got…

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Basketball loses players to injuries


by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter The girls basketball team experienced injuries this season resulting in a loss of four players, which caused the team to broaden their experiences with new roles. Jessi Zuba, senior and three-year varsity player, is one of those four. During the first 41 seconds of their first game, Zuba was driving the ball to the basket, and an opposing team member stepped on her foot. Hailey Dammeier, sophomore and two-year varsity player, could relate. Dammeier  fractured her tibia while playing defense at the fifth game. They both still attend practice and do the same stretches, but…

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Gymnastics places, starts strong


by Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter Every day, the six girls on the varsity gymnastics team practice, condition, and work on routines and tricks, hoping that their efforts will pay off when it comes time for their meets. This season, it appears their “hard work” has. This year, the team won the first home meet, and Anne Janulis, junior, received first place in the all-around at a meet against Rolling Meadows High School. Other girls have placed individually in the dual meets. “We keep improving at every meet. My hope for the team is to get at least ninth place in…

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Zuunbayan impresses team despite freshman status


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor Tulga Zuunbayan, freshman, has been deemed as an “amazing wrestler” by the senior members. Zuunbayan, in weight class 138, currently has a record of 17-6. According to Neil Weiner, wrestling coach, he is the leading scorer and has the best record on the team so far. “He has improved tremendously over the course of the season,” Coach Weiner said. Zuunbayan recently arrived to WHS from California, and he placed third in the Wildcat Invitational on Dec. 8. The Wildcat Invitational is a well-regarded tournament, according to Coach Weiner. WHS placed ninth overall. It is easy…

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