Kern signs letter of intent for softball scholarship

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor, and Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter

Sara Kern, senior, had received a full ride scholarship for the University of Missouri in St. Louis for playing softball.  On Nov. 15, she signed her letter of intent.
“It’s really exciting. I’ve known for a while now, but it’s good to sign my papers and make it official,” Kern said.
Kern hopes to play softball starting her freshman year.
“It’s something she’s worked really hard for, and she deserves it,” Mike Caringella, softball coach, said. “I’m very proud and very excited.”
Kern is currently undecided about her major, but both her and her mother feel excited about her going to college.
“Obviously, I’m very excited.  She’s actually following in my footsteps because we both played softball in high school and now college.  We’re very proud of her,” Susie Kern, mother of Sara Kern, said.  “She already knows a lot of girls at the school, she she’ll feel comfortable.  She’s a very driven girl.”
Kern visited the college campus over the summer and beginning of the school year in 2011. During her trip, she sat in on a softball practice and spent a night with the team.
“I was also able to shadow a girl through all of her classes,” Kern said.