SHADES presents annual variety show, “Good Time”

by Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

The annual variety show, on Nov. 17 and Nov. 18, keeps the tradition of being a way for students to express themselves through acts.

“There are many different acts such as acting and singing, they all let kids express themselves,” Daniel Glowa, senior, said.

This is his fourth year in the variety show, and he did the variety this year a custom of four years in the variety show.

”We give out $1,000 scholarships to two shades club members who we feel deserve them,” Bertha Sanchez, student advocate and Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (SHADES) club sponsor, said.

Ms. Sanchez and Rebecca Canady, SHADES club sponsor and special education teacher, planned to implicate clubs into the variety show, but they did not get the chance due to time constraints. However, they plan to do so next year.  

“Sometimes the variety show helps participants feel good about themselves,” Ms.Canady says,”It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of peers and strangers, students feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

Alfonso Figueroa, senior, whom joined the variety show in order to get rid of stage fright. His act will be singing “Banda,” a song originating from Mexico.

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