Family ties help surpass obstacles

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

The Wheeling community is familiar with Wheeling Donuts.  The little doughnut shop by the train tracks owned by a petite Asian woman known as my mom.

While some peers think it is “cool” to have a family business, I think it is quite the opposite.

Back in 2010, my parents bought the doughnut shop from a family friend.  They were thrilled to have a shop of their own, and the rest of the family was willing to pitch in with shop hours, deliveries and more.  We were like a family-working machine.

During my sophomore year, I would boast about my family owning the shop and would bring in doughnuts.

Unfortunately, this golden moment died very quickly.   My aunts and uncles became greedy with the monthly salaries, took orders as insults and the family-working machine fell apart.

I remember walking into my mom’s office and seeing her cute physique fade: dark circles formed under her eyes, and her hair became a silvery white.

Along with my mom, my dad spent less time at home and more time at the shop doing deliveries and fixing the broken coffee makers.  My family fell into ruins, and the only way out was to sell the shop.

My parents sold the shop to an experienced couple who also owned a cookie shop in Mount Prospect.  The couple was like an answer to my prayers.

With the shop out of the picture, my family was able to recover its wounds.  We were able to sit down and have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners as a family once again.  We were reunited.

Two years later, my parents bought the shop back with a family willing to back them up.  The difference this time is my family understands there will be obstacles, and arguing will not solve them.

They have set aside differences and personal issues to keep Wheeling Donuts afloat and serving the community.

Family is one of the strongest ties in any relationship.  Family is an entity of people who are willing to make sacrifices, understand and stay humble for the sake of others; and that is what my family has built Wheeling Donuts upon.

Although we do run into issues ever so often, my family has learned to solve them together.

As my mom would say, “Wheeling Donuts does not just belong to our family, it belongs to the family of Wheeling.”