Girls cross country adjusts to new coaches

by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor

With two new members of the coaching staff, Tim Nowicki and Don Rowley, girls cross country coaches,  the team still managed to send three girls to Sectionals.

“The season went great. We improved so much with the new coaches (Rowley and Nowicki),” Marta Dzundza, junior, said. “The best runner on the team was me, but Melissa Rodriguez (freshman)  beat me at Sectionals.”

According to Dzundza, the girls were more “committed” this season.

“We were a lot more serious and committed this season than we were last season. New coaches brought a lot of good changes to the team,” Dzundza said.

According to Rowley, the record did not really show, but all the girls from freshman to varsity levels improved drastically from the beginning of the season to the end.

“This was a testament to how hard they worked,” Rowley said.

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