New folkloric dance club created, promoted

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor

In recent years, students from various cultures, both Latin American and otherwise have participated in unofficial folkloric dances for WHS. This year, Latino Club will attempt to bring these students together under the instruction of Minerva Solano, dance teacher.

To attract interested students, two dance workshops were planned. The next workshop will run on Monday, Nov. 19.

Ms. Solano has several activities planned for the workshop. In addition to teaching the basic steps of a folkloric dance, she also plans to model various traditional folkloric costumes and teach a bit about Latino culture.

Gabriela Medina, social worker, and Bertha Sanchez, student advocate, collaborated to bring students together and encourage them to become closer to the Latin American culture through dance.

“It makes them (Latin American students) feel good about themselves when they are representing their country,” Ms. Sanchez said.

Cecilia Gama, senior, Arianna Roldan, junior, and Alexis Counts, junior, among other students worked together to promote the workshops. Counts designed the flyer and Gama and Roldan supported its development and promoted the workshops.

Roldan, among others who participated did not know much about the dances. This was the reason that most students supported this program. They wanted to promote the Latino culture among WHS students.

“If you are Latino or not Latino, it helps you learn more about the Latino culture,” Gama said.

Students involved hope that the activity will take place before winter break. Practices will take place on Mondays from four to five in the afternoon and optionally on the weekends.