WPAC helps superstorm victims through Cinnabon sale, shaving heads

by Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

On Nov. 30, Wheeling Political Action Club (WPAC) will host a Cinnabon sale to raise money for people in need affected by Superstorm Sandy.
Students could pre-order their Cinnabons from Nov. 26 to Nov. 29 for $3. On Nov. 30, the actual sale day, Cinnabons will cost $5. Cinnabons will be distributed in the main hallway during lunch periods.
“The proceeds will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity which is an organization working to provide relief in the area,” Sandra Chico, WPAC sponsor, said
WPAC works on projects involving world issues.
“WPAC does a lot of things to help out people in need, like last year we sent aid to Darfur,” Omar Joya, senior, said.
WPAC will also be shaving teachers’ heads in order to raise money. The teachers on the list include Dan Weidner, physics teacher, and Dr. Ken Stiff, student dean.
They will shave their heads when they reach a desired amount of money donated. This will occur during the lunch periods.
“It feels great that we’re making a difference as a small town,” Yasmin Reynoso, sophomore, says. “WPAC just wants to make a difference”
According to Isabel Chan, sophomore, the members of WPAC feel a sense of pride and achievement when they accomplish a goal.
“Even though we live in a place far away from the places affected we still help people,” Chan said.

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