Gymnastics places, starts strong

by Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter

Every day, the six girls on the varsity gymnastics team practice, condition, and work on routines and tricks, hoping that their efforts will pay off when it comes time for their meets. This season, it appears their “hard work” has.

This year, the team won the first home meet, and Anne Janulis, junior, received first place in the all-around at a meet against Rolling Meadows High School. Other girls have placed individually in the dual meets.

“We keep improving at every meet. My hope for the team is to get at least ninth place in conference at the end of the year,” Alyssa Pink, senior, said.

According to Nicole Maila, math teacher and gymnastics coach, getting ninth place in conference would be great for the team.

“I think it’s a possibility,” Malia said, “And I think it would be a great accomplishment.”

There have been eight meets so far, and the teammates aim to continue improving their record and meeting all of their personal goals. Their conference record is 1-2.

“Over winter break the team tries to get more skills and improve. We’re going to be practicing everyday,” Pink said.

It is Ms. Maila’s first year coaching, taking over for Bob Esposito, previous coach. In terms of points, Ms. Maila believes that this year lives up to previous standards, and she hopes that the team becomes even better.

“We’re working on improving our skills, improving our routines and having our overall score increase. We’re going for overall improvement,” Ms. Maila said.

Pink, who has been in gymnastics for 13 years, hopes to achieve her personal goals this season; she wants to get a 32 all-around score and is working on new tricks, such as a full.