Basketball loses players to injuries

by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter

The girls basketball team experienced injuries this season resulting in a loss of four players, which caused the team to broaden their experiences with new roles.

Jessi Zuba, senior and three-year varsity player, is one of those four.

During the first 41 seconds of their first game, Zuba was driving the ball to the basket, and an opposing team member stepped on her foot.

Hailey Dammeier, sophomore and two-year varsity player, could relate. Dammeier  fractured her tibia while playing defense at the fifth game.

They both still attend practice and do the same stretches, but they are in rehab to gain more strength.

Julissa Hernandez, math teacher and girls varsity basketball coach, said it was unfortunate to lose these players. According to Hernandez, these “season ending injuries” made game plan changes.

“It brings our numbers down; losing two starters out of five definitely makes a difference,” Coach Hernandez said.

Although  Dammeier and Zuba miss playing, it provides the other players an opportunity to experience different positions.

“I can’t say one person plays my position now, but since there’s multiple people injured, everyone on the team has had to step up and take on new roles,” said Zuba.

The team currently has a record of 4-7.

“The team adjusted well with different players in different roles. I think we’re doing a good job,” Coach Hernandez said.