Orchestra members play at wedding

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor

After countless hours of rehearsal, Orchestra  members Asher CrawleyJami Kahn, Katrina Gustafson, and Connor Leuck, seniors, took their musical knowledge beyond the Orchestra room of WHS and performed at a local wedding on Dec. 15, 2012.

According to Gustafson, the members practiced, “about thirty minutes to an hour a week since October.”

Aside from the amount of practice the Orchestra members received, Kahn felt that the job was a growing experience.

“We were actually pretty independent. We ended up having to arrange the wedding march ourselves because we weren’t able to get a copy for three violas and a cello,” Kahn said. “We really did as much for ourselves as we could.”

The quartet consisted of a two song set list and was met with critical appraise by attendants of the wedding ceremony.

“We performed Pachelbel’s Canon and Here Comes the Bride,” Crawley said. “Everyone loved the performance. It was scary because a number of people in the bridal party were musicians, but we got really positive reviews.”

Crawley came across the opportunity through her mother’s co-worker. All four members agreed that the experience was “rewarding.”

“It was a step into the real world. Taking everything we’ve learned since the fourth grade and being able to apply what we’ve been working on is really fulfilling,” Kahn said.