Hakuya Sushi thrives despite competitive market

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

With the struggling economy, new businesses are hard to come by and hard to keep afloat, especially young resturants looking to survive the economic world.

On March 26, a sushi restaurant called Hakuya Sushi opened on Dundee Road.

The newly found resturant stood out from all other sushi bars in the area due to its rich family background and passion to make sushi.

As a young boy, Chuck Yong, restaurant owner, began to take interest in making sushi and the Japanese culture due to his grandfather.

Although Yong’s family was of South Korean descent, Yong’s grandfather was heavily influenced by Japanese culture, from which he became interested in making sushi.

Hakuya Sushi is not just another restaurant where the waiters seat you and never come back again. Instead, the owner himself greets his guests as soon as they walk in and seats them himself.

The restaurant has tables and booths to seat guests comfortably, a private room for parties and other social gatherings, a karaoke room and a full bar.

Also, the prices of the foods and drinks are not as pricy as one would expect for sushi.  Prices range from $4 for an a la carte sushi roll to $55 for a plateful of Sashimi and Nigiri (raw entrees).

The last meal I had there only cost me $11 for two entrees.

I would highly recommend the Philadelphia roll to those who have never tried sushi before. The rolls consist of sliced avocado, raw tuna and creamy original Philadelphia cream cheese, all wrapped in a blanket of seaweed roll and rice.

This entree is perfect for those who love sushi but not the fishy taste, since the avocado and cream cheese mask the taste of the tuna.

Another spectacular choice at the restaurant is the Two Guys Lonely Sashimi.  This entree consists of all raw fish, tuna and salmon. This meal is perfect for veterans of sushi, like myself, who can handle raw foods. Also, the presentation of the meal is so intricate that one does not want to eat right away.

All meals ordered at the restaurant are accompanied by a common Japanese soup called miso soup, salad with a citrus dressing, caramelized potato rolls and if you’re lucky, free dessert.

I highly recommend all sushi lovers and lovers of great food to try Hakuya Sushi.  The hospitality for the guests and passion for making sushi is why it is successful to this day.

To set up a reservation or learn more about the restaurant, go to <http://hakuyasushi.net/> or visit their Facebook page, “Hakuya Sushi.”

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