Piatek discovers passion for drums, plays in numerous bands

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

“Everyone has their own hobbies whether it’s book club or knitting, but my hobby is playing sweet music,” Timothy Piatek, English teacher, said. “When ev- eryone on Saturday is off doing their own things, I like to get into my own world, close my eyes and get into the music.”

Mr. Piatek does not spend his Saturday nights grading WREN assignments. Instead, he is out playing in the Oswego-area in his band, The After 5 Band.

“What I like most is when you can get people moving on the dance floor and having a good time,” Mr. Piatek said. “When the drummer hits that solid beat, everything seems to fall into place. The drummer holds an important responsibility because if his tim- ing is off, the wheels start to fall off. I like having that added re- sponsibility on my shoulders and making sure everything is in the right place.”

During fifth grade, Mr. Piatek began playing the snare drum and by eighth grade, he could play on the full drum set. He first be- gan playing with the Charleston Sound Machine, which currently only plays once a year. He also plays for his church once a month.

“I’ve seen him play over many years when he plays in Arlington Heights,” Sandra Gruen, English teacher, said. “Normally it becomes a Wheeling event because a lot of teachers go to the show. It’s a nice way to get to know teachers outside of the building, while sup- porting a colleague as well.”

According to Mr. Piatek, he has always had a sense of and been at- tracted to rhythm.

“Some of my earliest memories of life are pulling out pots and pans and banging on them,” Mr. Piatek said. “I have an uncle and grandpa who play as well, so it kind of runs in the family.”

Mr. Piatek practices with The After 5 Band once a week.

“It is not very time consuming,” Mr. Piatek said.

According to Adam Mosier, The After 5 Band’s keyboard player, Mr. Piatek is an excellent drummer and brings a whole new level or entertainment.

“Whether he is drumming or singing, he brings a whole new element,” Mosier said. “He gets really technical with timing and beat, but he is also able to just en- joy and feel the music while play- ing, which is something not many can do.”

The After 5 Band is a rock and roll cover band, covering music ranging from the 70’s to what is on the radio today. According to Mr. Piatek, they always try to have a little something for everyone.

“I started playing for the Charleston Sound Machine and we played in many famous clubs in Chicago,” Mr. Piatek said. “Once, we played at the Taste of Chicago which was an amazing experience. We used to play much more, but a lot of the members are now set- tling down with kids and families.”

Once The Charleston Sound Machine started dying down, Mr. Piatek decided to join The After 5 Band which he has been playing in for seven years now.

“I met the guys while playing foozeball. It was great timing because we were both finishing up with our current bands. It made sense to start a new one,” Mr. Piatek said.