‘Pack the Place’ promotes school spirit, fundraising

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

Last week, students continued the traditions of “Pack the Place” week through spirit days, the pep assembly, a basketball game and Honor Pack’s fundraising.
Sports, clubs and organizations nominated students to become Honor Pack members. Honor Pack helped raise money for a WHS family in economic hardship.
Social workers help identify a family in economic hardship. This year, Honor Pack raised money for the family of Karen Delgado, junior, and Perla Delgado, sophomore.
“She’s (my mother) no longer working. She needs to take medicine,” K. Delgado said. “She hurt her back and neck. She has to have surgery and take insulin.”
According to Sandra Chico, student council adviser, the tradition of having students raise money for Pack the Place week was already in place when she became student council adviser.
Usually, students raise money for a WHS family, but in the past, sometimes they have also raised money for a charity.
“We try to see if there’s a way to help our family first,” Ms. Chico said.
Lucia Arreola, senior, was nominated for AVID. She raised money by selling candy and asking for donations.
“It felt good. It made me feel like I had the part of a leader for my group, and it was also giving to a good cause,” Arreola said. “We raised a good amount of money, so I hope they’re doing well with the money.”
In total, Honor Pack raised more than $6,351.08. Allie Talken, senior, was named “Leader of the Pack” for raising the most money, an amount of $700.
“I worried that we’re going to lose the home we live in because we do not have money to rent the apartment,” K. Delgado said. “I feel more relaxed now; I hope that Wheeling High School can help.”
As for the Pack the Place activities, student council decided to move lunchtime activities into the lunchroom and play music during lunch in hopes of more participation. It also canceled the movie night after the game due to low turnout in previous years.
“I thought it (Pack the Place week) was fun. I thought the spirit days were fun, but I wish more people did them,” Samantha Rude, senior, said.
The Pack the Place game took place Feb. 1. The varsity boys basketball team played against Prospect. The final score was 55-54, Prospect.
At a pre-game assembly, student council presented Honor Pack members with flowers and certificates.
Rude attended the game for cheerleading and for Honor Pack. She was nominated for her cheerleading team.
“It was nice that I got nominated by my coach,” Rude said. “The game was really fun. There was a lot more people than usual. On cheer, we did a lot more interacting with the crowd.”