Wieder: ‘We haven’t reached full potential’

by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 9.52.35 AMDespite the one game win out of last year’s season, Jason Wieder, new baseball coach, plans to change the whole program and keep a positive attitude for the future and the players.

“The team is made up of some of the best players I believe haven’t reached full potential, and I‘ve also seen great senior leadership and some good underclassmen talent,” Coach Wieder said.

According to David Shapiro, senior and varsity captain, Coach Wieder knows what he is doing and connects with his players.

Coach Wieder also wants to improve the team chemistry and promote leadership in his players.

“He puts team chemistry as a priority, and that’s important for winning,” Shapiro said.

A team Twitter account was made so the players “can be motivated and proud of what they do.” Through the account, Coach Wieder will post practices, team meetings and game statistics.

Ryan Bendewald, senior and varsity captain, thinks that the Twitter account “is great because it relates to us high school students and makes it easier to communicate.”

“I want to build new traditions, a culture based on hard work and make the sport year-round,” Coach Wieder said.

Ian Gilliam, senior and varsity captain, said that Coach Wieder gets all the players to come together, “work our hardest and push other players to do their best.”

Coach Wieder is not the first to take on a new coaching position this year, he is one of three new coaches, who include, Brent Pearlman, football coach, and Anthony Como, basketball coach.

“It’s been really good for us because we can bounce ideas off each other so that we can turn the programs around, and it’s really been exciting taking on this new role,” Coach Como said.

Coach Wieder has played sports since age 4; he began playing T-Ball and grew to travel baseball. He graduated from WHS in 2002 and played as a four year varsity starter for the baseball team.

“I grew up here, went here, and now it’s great to be back.” Coach Wieder said. “It’s always been player and team development, so that I can lie down a foundation for future years and for the athletes to look back at their accomplishments and progress over the years.”

According to Coach Wieder, he enjoys that through baseball “you have to think your way through the game.”