Musto, models exhibit fashion show at Millennium Park

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

Jess Musto, senior, enlisted her friends to create a team consisting of models and a camera-crew to travel downtown and present a guerrilla fashion show at Millennium Park.

“The jewelry I designed fit the feel of Millennium Park, and I knew Millennium Park was a public place that allowed filming,” Musto said. “Not many designers my age would be gutsy enough to ask a bunch of people to walk around in sharp jewelry that hurts and then wear it out in public. I just wanted to do something bold.”

tegancolorThe video created was published on YouTube and then submitted to Parsons The New School Competition, a competition that, if won, awards a full ride scholarship to Parsons.

“At first I wanted to film a time lapse of me creating one of my pieces, but I wanted to make a bigger statement,” Musto said. “I think the video was important for the competition because it made a huge statement, showed what I wanted to do, how I could get it done and was really unique compared to the other videos submitted.”

Models Kaitlyn Nielsen, Sarah Rabin, seniors, Tegan Reschke, junior, Paige McCoy and Katia Bryhadyr, freshmen, struggled with the 10 degree weather as they wore tights and skirts, while the camera crew focused on filming angles to show off the jewelry.

“She called on so many people, and I didn’t expect that many to want to come out and help in the freezing cold. Everyone helped out above and beyond their role call, like photographers were helping out models take off their coats,” Nielsen said.

The crew traveled to four different locations to take shots before heading to The Bean for a jewelry fashion show.

KaitlynCOLOR“I was so amazed when I found out she handmade all of it,” Nielsen said. “She was able to fix it on her own, and it looked so amazing. I didn’t expect someone to be able to hand make jewelry like that and still have it look so amazing.”

On Feb. 20, Parsons will announce the top 20 finalists that are in the running, and on Feb. 28, it will call the winners. Musto’s video has received over 400 hits on YouTube.