Peterson moves to varsity level, stands as most improved player

by Kelly McKewin, Asst. Sports Editor

Moving to Varsity

Coming into a team of seniors, Maryssa Peterson, junior, has “fit in well” with the rest of the varsity girls bowling team.

She scored her highest game ever, a 242, a high series of 531 and averaged between a 150 and 165 the entire season.

“That 242, I’m really proud of that. Before my high game was like a 225, so I really did  improve,” Peterson said.

This year was Peterson’s first year on the varsity team, and according to Beth Anderson, bowling coach, she has improved immensely.

“Her average from last year went up by 32 pins, so she’s varsity’s most improved player,” Ms. Anderson said.

Peterson says she’s grown closer to the girls this year and met more people, which was one of her goals coming into the season. Ms. Anderson agreed, saying that Peterson fit in really well with the chemistry of the team of seniors.

“It (the season), was fun, and we’re all friends so it was nice,” Heather Hok, senior, said. “Everyone had a good time and enjoyed it.”


‘Family Time’

Peterson started bowling with her family after watching her parents bowl in a work league. She has bowled for eight years now.

“My family bowls almost every Sunday together, and my sister wanted me to bowl (for Wheeling),” Peterson said. “It means a lot; it’s family time and family is everything to me.”

Peterson’s family attends every meet she competes in.

“It’s so important to me, and they know it is,” Peterson said.


Team Stats

The team’s record this year is 3-11, and they placed 10th in the MSL league overall.

Cailey Markiewicz, senior, had the highest average of a 155.85. The team placed 10th out of the 18 teams that were at Sectionals.

Aline Bardak, senior, came in 34th place out of 112 bowlers and was WHS’s highest scorer, with a 1,078 six game series. Hok had a 995 series and came in 50th, while Peterson came in 60th, with a 982 series for six games.

While WHS had no state qualifiers, according to Ms. Anderson, the season ended on a high note, with most girls bowling above average.


Teachers vs. Bowlers

For Peterson though, the best part of the season was bowling in a match against the teachers as a part of a bet they had.

Five of the top varsity bowlers (Peterson, Hok, Markiewicz, Bardak and Sam Nowry, senior) bowled against Brent Pearlman, football coach,  Kevin Muck, physical education division head, Donald Rowley, social science teacher, Joe Wolinski, physical education teacher and Rocco Teiri, athletic trainer.

The bowling team won in a series total of 1,519 pins to 1,329.

“Mr. Pearlman was my gym teacher, and we were in the student activities office. He didn’t know I bowled, and he said, ‘I challenge you,’” Hok said.

The match took place on Dec. 19, 2012, and a rematch is being planned soon. However, the teachers want to verse the JV team instead this time.

“I knew we were going to kill them. They just became a team and we’ve been bowling everyday,” Peterson said.