The Fight for Marriage Equality in Illinois

chrisby Chris Nush, Assistant A&E Editor

Just in time for Valentines Day, the Illinois State Senate has passed a bill to legalize gay marriage in Illinois, making it the tenth state to pass the controversial bill.
“Marriage equality is coming to Illinois” Pat Quinn, Illinois governor, said confidently in his State of the State Address last week.
Today, after the bill was passed on to the House, the governor said “Today we are one step closer to marriage equality. Couples across Illinois have even more reason today to celebrate their love for each other, thanks to the hard work of committed advocates and lawmakers.”
State Sen. Heather Steans, the bill’s sponsor, called it “a vote for the history books” according to the Associated Press.
Opponents of the bill have been working hard to gain opposition in the House of Representatives. Currently, the Senate is more liberal than the House and it is expected that the house will be harder to pass. Assuming the bill passes the House, Governor Quinn pledged earlier this year that he would approve any bill that would legalized marriage equality.
Supporters for marriage equality in Illinois include actor, Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family and President Barack Obama who urged his home state to legalize gay marriage earlier this year.
The House of Representatives approving the bill would be a definite step in the right direction for the gay community not just in Illinois, but in the whole country.