Picks of the Month: February


Tegan and Sara’s latest effort, “Heartthrob,” combines elements of indie pop, rock and new wave. The album has been positively reviewed from fans and critics. The album’s singles, “Closer” and “I’m Not Your Hero” are sure to be hits among T&S fans.



The widely renowned multi-player app, “Fun Run,” follows a group of  woodland creatures that must overcome an obstacle course set up by opponents. The App is currently one of the highest grossing apps at the iTunes store.







After much anticipation, “Warm Bodies” saw a worldwide release on Feb. 1. The film was met with positive reviews for its crude humor and originality. It has already grossed over 88 million dollars, deeming it a box office hit.


TV Show:

“The Americans” follows a group of Soviet Spies impersonating American families during the Cold War. The TV series has sparked interest from both critics and fans. The third episode of the series will air on Feb. 13 on Fx.