Orchesis piece selected for IL State High School Dance Festival

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief 

“Almost Never Clearly Obsecure,” a piece choreographed by Robert Perales, senior, was selected for the Illinois State High School Dance Festival, which will be held in May.

“The piece is about someone’s inability to love,” Perales said. “My character basically turns to drugs and alcohol and by doing so, he hurts his relationship. These two people who belong together are corrupted by an entity that goes beyond their control. It’s just people hurting each other because they don’t know how to love one another anymore.”

Melody Beltran, junior, performed as Perales partner in the duet.

“She’s brilliant. From the moment I joined Orchesis, I knew I wanted to work with Melody,” Perales said. “She has a way of being able to convey a story in a way that I thought no one else could. She’s also an incredibly talented dancer.Her movement ability is astonishing.”

The dance was performed at Orchesis’ main show “We Have Arrived” which was held last weekend on Feb. 21, 22 and 23.