Truth and lies about food myths

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

Food myths:

  • strawberries whiten your teeth
  • cucumbers get rid of bags under the eyes
  • apples wake you up more than coffee does
  • chocolate gives you acne

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to having a healthy body, there are always myths and rumors circulating about how different foods can harm or benefit the body.  There are four food myths that I have recently heard and decided to do some investigating.
Food Myth #1: Strawberries can help whiten the teeth.
Strawberries contain astringent and vitamin C, which are natural teeth whiteners.  Vitamin C helps remove stains on the teeth and clear away plague.  This is why dentists and orthodontist call strawberries the “natural bleaching agent.”  Instead of running the risk of harming your teeth and draining your wallet with getting teeth professionally bleached, just eat strawberries. In conclusion, this food myth is true.
Food Myth #2: Cucumbers can help get rid of dark circles under the eyes.
Although some may think that dark circles under the eyes just look unappealing, dark circles are actually a medical problem.  They show the lack of sleep a person is getting which can potentially lead to kidney failure, a weaker immune system, liver disease and many more.  The widespread assumption that cucumbers can reduce dark circles has not been proven by any medical experts. Yes, their coolness helps with puffiness, but the only real way to rid dark circles is to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Therefore, this myth can be deemed as false.
Food Myth #3: Apples wake you up better than coffee does.
It is true that coffee wakes you up better than an apple does, but only for a short amount of time.  The issue with drinking coffee in the morning is that it provides no caloric energy: therefore, drinking coffee in the morning will lower the body’s blood sugar levels.  Apples on the other hand, provide antioxidant compounds that can help wake you up and maintain a healthy diet and help with the lungs.  Apples are deemed to be the natural “waker-upper.”  All in all, this myth is true.
Food Myth #4: Chocolate gives you acne.
For many teenagers out there, many may have heard that chocolate can cause acne.  For girls especially, chocolate is the “go-to” food when feeling upset, overwhelmed, or just because.  Despite the rumors though, there is no evidence stating that chocolate causes acne. In actuality, there is no specific food that that causes acne to form.  Acne is purely based on biology: as the body goes through puberty, the glands on your face begin to act up more than usual, which is why the acne forms.  This food myth can definitely be labeled false.