WHS alumnus interns at White House

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor

Lindsay Ford, ‘09 WHS alumni and senior at DePaul University, currently interns at the White House, working in the Internship Office under the Office of Management and Administration.

According to Sandra Chico, social studies teacher, Ford’s communication skills, organization skills, dedication and commit- ment are attributes that can give her an advantage to become successful.

While at WHS, Ford participated in many extracurricular activities, but she attributes Student Council with “instilling my passion for working in pub- lic service. Ms. Chico was a great mentor and taught me important organization- al and time management skills,” Ford said in an e- mail interview.

According to Margaret Christiansen, ESL teacher, when she was assistant Student Council coordinator, Ford always did more than she was expected and was willing to do anything in order to make the event successful.

“Kids that don’t have to work real hard don’t learn how to work when they have to and other people that have had to work a little bit harder. It just becomes part of their nature, they know how to tackle a project, how to succeed in whatever they want do,” Mrs. Christiansen said.

In college, Ford held executive board positions infourhospitalityindustry clubs and co-founded one.

“I believe being involved outside of school is imperative in order to be a well-rounded person,” Ford said.

Ford was on Student Council’s executive board in high school, where her passion began.

She became interested in organizing events, communicating with other students and motivating them, and making them the best they could be.

“I hope for her the same things I hope for all of my students and that’s for them to find where they’re happy at and good at and when you do that it doesn’t feel like a job,” Ms. Chico said.

According to Ford, applying for the internship was similar to applying for a college, and even though it was competitive, she de- cided to apply.

“I am very honored to have been selected as a White House Intern. The experiences and skills I have gained so far have been invaluable,” Ford said.

Ford programs intern classes, informs applicants about the program, coordinates Weekly Speaker Series and Professional Development Series for the intern class and manages three teams of interns who volunteer at service sites around Washington D.C.

“One day I may be re- sponding to emails from applicants for future internship positions and coordinating the weekly speaker series. Another day, I may be giving tours of the East Wing and holding an informational video teleconference with a university or college on applying to the Internship Program,” Ford said.

Ford plans on turning her passions for event management and public service into a career and work in event management.

“It’s been amazing to meet so many different dedicated and passionate people from all over the U.S. I think it’s extremely important to give back to the local community,” Ford said.

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