Polo faces early season challenges

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

waterpoloBy press time, girls water polo held a record of 2-3, winning against Palatine and Prospect High Schools. Boys water polo has yet to win a game, but the team waits on some members to finish their club swim seasons before returning to polo.

Boys water polo has a record of 0-6 and a record of 0-1 in Conference. However, they did not play any games with the full team until March 15.

“I think we’re playing great. We need to learn from every win, every loss,” Bob Savitt, varsity girls water polo coach, said. “Boys and girls water polo are really com- parable. We’re very young. We have really good potential. I think we’re all going to shock people.”

The girls water polo team lost Emily Zieger, junior, at the beginning of the season due to an injury. In addition, the team members do not have set positions this year.

“We don’t really have set positions, so we’re going to be moving around the whole season,” Rachel Ropski, junior, said.

Some of the challenges boys water polo faces include new varsity members and missing teammates.

“We didn’t start off as well as we had hoped, but that’s just because we’re missing a bunch of kids, and a bunch of guys are moving up to the varsity level,” Lukasz Szczepaniec, senior, said.

According to Nate Reiff, freshman, the team has found it difficult to play without a full team at the beginning of the season.

“Right now it’s pretty much two main offenses with six people in the water. We need to collaborate more,” Reiff said. “We haven’t had a full roster for our game. We’re always one or two men down.”

Both teams hope to make State this year.

“Our coach really wants us to go to State. We have the potential. It will be really hard though because we basically have no subs. We’ll have to play a full game with no rests, which is quite difficult,” Katharine Schwarz, senior, said.

The team also has goals for helping younger members on varsity.

“Our coach is always pushing for State. I just want to come as close to that game as we can,” Sam Mozdzynski, senior, said. “Another goal is becoming a stronger team. Also, helping to teach our younger kids because they’re the future of Wheeling water polo.”

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