Scotese to head student services

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

When Dr. Holly Ravitz, assistant principal for student services, retires this year, Tom Scotese, dean of students at Hersey, will assume the position.

“He worked for me when he was a social worker, so I’m excited,” Dr. Ravitz said.  “I think he will be a wonderful asset.”

Mr. Scotese will assume his position on July 1.

“I think it’s exciting for me because it (my new position) puts the three parts I did before together.  There’s a good feeling about coming back to Wheeling,” Mr. Scotese said.  “I know a lot of the staff and feel very fortunate.  The student service staff is phenomenal.”

Mr. Scotese knows how to speak Spanish and use sign language.  He started his career in education as a special education teacher.  He later started working at WHS as a social worker, and afterwards, he worked as a dean at Hersey High School for seven years.

“He came with great assets of language,” Robert Sochowski, counselor, said.  “He is an individual who is caring about students.  He’s not just a leader; he’s also a teammate.”

According to Erin DeLuga, associate principal of instruction and curriculum, Mr. Scotese has an excellent reputation with staff, students and the district.

“Because he has a social work background and a dean background, the combination of those two were an excellent skill set for the job of assistant principal,” Ms. DeLuga said.

Mr. Scotese feels impressed with WHS’s gold seminar and STEM programs.

“I’ve talked to specialists, and it’s a way for students to meet social workers in different areas,” Mr. Scotese said.  “I’m excited to be part of the STEM programs and see how I can support them in student services.”

Mr. Scotese believes that his previous experience will help him in his new position next year.

“All of that experience helps, and I know about the culture of Wheeling.  I’m happy to come home, and I look forward to working with staff and students here,” Mr. Scotese said.

Mark Menich, school psychologist, has worked with Mr. Scotese, and he agrees.

“He’s already been in an administrative position; he’s worked within student services; he’s taught within a classroom.  He understands the ins-and-outs of of both regular and special education,” Mr. Menich said.  “He goes the extra mile not only to help students but their families as well.”