Pro-start hosts food contest

by Katia Bryhadyr, Staff Reporter

WHS held its first Pro-Start cooking contest during block C-2 Friday, March 8. Students were faced with the challenge of creating a main dish and a side to match the National School Lunch Program.

While the 10 members of the Pro-Start class prepared dishes, Student Council’s Executive Board judged the school program standards. Hector Juarez, senior, received the award for his taco dish. He received an iPod Classic and a chance for his dish to be served in the school cafeteria.

“The tricky part or the challenge about this is that the students have a cost limit,” Jennifer Cederberg, career and technical education teacher said. “They could only spend $1.50 of unit cost.”

According to Juarez, because he pursues a career as a chef, he valued  this authentic experience.

“We had a budget, a time limit and rules; it felt so real,”Juarez said.

Students needed to have at least two ounces of protein on the main dish and the side should be a vegetable.

Maureen Mullane, food service supervisor of WHS, came up with the idea of doing a cooking contest. According to Mullane, she was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Get Moving” Act, which requires students to have a certain amount of healthy food on their plate.