WHS rises in rank

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

Listed as 39th on The Washington Post’s Most Challenging High Schools of Illinois list, students and staff of WHS have made improvements that caused WHS to rise 11 places in rank.
“It’s a considerable jump,” Erin DeLuga, associate principal of instruction and curriculum, said. “The reason I say the move up is intentional is because of incredible students, staff and leadership in the building.”
Last year, WHS ranked 50th on the list.
“While I know we are not defined simply by a number, I view it as another indicator, among many, that we are on the right track and providing a unique and impactful education for our students,” Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, said. “The community should be proud of the work the students and staff have done to earn this achievement.”
This list ranks schools through an index formula of the number of Advanced Placement (AP) tests given each year divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.
“I feel like it’s more competitive because people are taking more AP classes, so they feel like they have to step up to the challenge,” Lupita Martinez, junior, said.
The Challenge Index aims to identify schools that have done well in encouraging students to challenge themselves by taking AP tests.
“Our students thrive in every content area, from liberal arts to engineering, and that’s what makes our kids and our school so unique,” Ms. DeLuga said.