Accounting students gain experience from Relay, contest

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

After taking College Accounting, students had the opportunity to compete at Harper College’s High School Accounting Contest and work at the Relay For Life accounting tents on Saturday, May 4.

“For Relay For Life, it’s a great thing that first, they’re volunteering and helping out, second, they get hands-on training, and third, they get hands-on experience.  It’s difficult to get hands on accounting experience,” Kevin Lennon, business teacher, said.

Nick Ricciardi, senior, took College Accounting last semester, and he plans on going into the business field.

“It looks good on resumes, but I can learn what it’s like to be in accounting mode.  This will help me understand business a little better,” Ricciardi said.

In addition, students who have taken College Accounting competed at the Harper College’s High School Accounting Contest on April 19.  However, WHS did not win, as it did in previous years.  The top finishers from WHS were Jackie Camacho, Joe Dundovich, seniors, and Bruce Ferraro, junior.

In order to prepare, students reviewed their notes from College Accounting class.  This year, College Accounting only took place during first semester.  According to Mr. Lennon, the accounting students had fun, and they also had the opportunity to listen to speakers from Northern Illinois University talk about the profession of accounting.

Heather Hok, senior, took College Accounting last year, and she competed this year and last year.  She said she refreshed her memory for the contest by reviewing last year’s notes.

“I honestly think it’s a great class, and it prepares you for college.  It gives you an entirely new perspective,” Hok said.