Volleyball says goodbye to seniors, sets expectations for next year

By Erik Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief

The varsity volleyball team lost to Prospect High School on May 2, 2013. After the game, they celebrated the seniors work on the team. While they did not receive the win they wanted; they are looking into improving their plays for next year.

“We did not play to our full potential,” Zach Nauert, senior, said. “I hope next year the team will be more consistent.”

Next year will present many challenges to the varsity volleyball team as they are losing all of their seniors. The team hopes to have three returning members, three members from the JV team, and seven sophomores next year.

“We will put a lot of consideration into picking out the team next year,” Jason Kopokowski, varsity volleyball head coach, said. “ We need to help them out on their basic skills and volleyball I.Q.”

A summer camp for volleyball will be held where anyone looking to be on the varsity team is expected to show up. According to Jacob Del Toro, senior, every senior will make their biggest effort to show up and support the new players.

“It is definitely going to be a different feel with all the seniors leaving,” Alex Kais, junior, said. “We’re going to give it our all during the summer and improve our blocks and hits.”

Although the road ahead for the team is going to be a bumpy one, the team looks at the positive side instead. Instead of letting go of goals, the team is aiming for more conference wins in the upcoming year.

“We need to keep up a good mentality,” Juan Gonzalez, junior, said. “ We need to aim high and keep on fighting.”