Seniors recognized at Scholarship Recognition Breakfast

By Kelly McKewin, Co-Editor-in-Chief, and Jean Pabon, Photo Editor

The fourth annual senior Scholarship Recognition Breakfast took place, honoring students from the class of 2013.

“They (the students), got a reward for a lot of hard work and effort,” John Hammond, college counselor, said. “These students rose to the top and I’m very happy for them.”

24 students were recognized at the breakfast, and according to Mr. Hammond, close to $400,000 were raised for scholarships. The scholarship money was raised by different organizations, many of which were within the Wheeling community.

Michael Yoshino, senior, was recognized at the breakfast for his scholarship to the United States Military Academy at Westpoint.

“It is a complete honor. Few people have this privilege and I couldn’t ask for a greater experience ahead of me,” Yoshino said. “I’m just thrilled. I’ve been given so much from family and the community and I’m excited to give back.”


The following scholarships were awarded to the following seniors:

AVID Scholarship-Rocio Gutierrez and Hannah Kresner

Bomber’s Scholarship-James Cooke and Juan Montelongo

First Korean United Methodist Church Scholarship-Heather Hok

Latino Club Scholarship-Paul Espino Munoz, Frida Valdes, Cecilia Gama and Perla Jimenez

Prospect Heights Dollars for Scholars-Mary Jo Cameron (Charles Priester Four Year Scholarship) and Samantha Rude (One Year Academic Scholarship)

PTO of WHS Awards-Angelika Bravo, Chelsie Coren, Elizabeth Jassin and Zachary Nauert

Robert Morris University Principal’s Scholarship-Mary Jo Cameron and Diana Reyes

Richard Rosen Academic Scholarship-Rocio Gutierrez

SHADES Club Scholarship-Rosalie Chan and Frida Valdes

SPUR Club Scholarship-Rebecca Falkiner and Fernando Garza

Susan and Don Tantillo Education Scholarship-Angela Reinhardt

Wheeling Firefighter Gambro Memorial Scholarship-Asher Crawley

Wheeling Rotary Club-Perla Jimenez

Wheeling Temple Association-Clancy Nush

WIlliam Caputo Scholarship-Darby Dammeier

United States Military Academy Appointment-Michael Yoshino