Students attend local concerts over Labor Day weekend

by Erika Pogorzelska, Feature Editor

What did you do this weekend?

Ah, the first three day weekend of the school year. Labor Day always holds many events for people to do over the weekend since they will have one extra day to sleep in, refresh and of course, finish any homework. This past weekend held some popular events and attractions such as 36th annual Chicago Jazz Festival in Millenium Park, the 5th annual North Coast Music Festival in Union Park, Buffalo Grove Days and other concerts. Many WHS students had attended each of these events over the long weekend.

Paul Wagner, junior, went to Chicago Jazz Festival on Sunday. The train was overly crowded since many people were going to the Chicago Jazz Festival as well as North Coast.

Wagner and his friends listened to several  different performances.

“Most of (the music was really good and we all appreciated it, but some music was really outside and exotic, and we didn’t care too much for that,” Wagner said.

Throughout the day Wagner saw many familiar faces from different camps he attended, just walking around or even performing. Wagner’s favorite performance was the Chicago Yestet.

“In my opinion, they had the best music of the day, really swinging and funky inside stuff,” Wagner said.

Kaitlyn Arvidson, junior, saw country singers Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan with her sister on Sunday night.

“At first it was a disaster. We bought tickets for $200 but when security scanned them at the doors they said they were copies, so $200 went down the drain. Luckily my brother’s friend sold us tickets for $50 each. Our seats were section 400 row 35, it was so bad but we were able to find a section that was lower,” Arvidson said.

Arvidson and her sister missed two performances, but were still able to see Bentley and Bryan perform.

“My favorite memory was when Luke sang “Drink a Beer”, a song about his brother that passed away,” Arvidson said.

Anthony Gonzalez, junior, went to Buffalo Grove days on Sunday. He said he had tons of fun, and his favorite memory from that night was when he hugged Diego Valdes, junior.

“We (my friends and I) watched fireworks, saw a band and just chilled,” Gonzalez said. “We also got yelled at by food vendors for wasting ketchup.”

Nicole Galam, sophomore, ventured out to North Coast Music festival on Saturday. She went with Yessenia Plazola and Jessica Zaucha, seniors.

She saw DJ’s Milk and Cookies, The Trap House, Adventure Club and Nicky Romero.

“It was amazing,” Galam said. “Music festivals just make people come together and everyone is really chill.”

Galam’s favorite memory of the day was sitting on a guy’s shoulders.

“I could actually see the stage, #shortgirlproblems,” Galam said.