D214 switches to Infinite Campus system

D214 has switched on from its old HomeLogic grading system to the new Infinite Campus system. On Monday, Jan. 5 and Tuesday, Jan. 6, teachers received training on how to use Infinite Campus. Basic training involved how to use the grade book and setting up attendance. Teachers also received specific training depending on their occupation. Students are expected to receive instructions in an informative video that explains how to use the new system. However, creating that video has posed a challenge as a real student would have to use their account to log in to the system in order to make the video. Due to privacy and safety issues, the department is trying to find an alternative to using a real student’s account. “We’re trying to troubleshoot different ways that we can train you guys while maintaining student confidentiality,” Rebecca Kinnee, innovative technology facilitator, said. Parents have also received emails that explain to them how to set up an Infinite Campus account. Ms. Kinnee will be available to help parents during the next PTO and Latino Family nights. Parents have also received a direct number that they can contact where one of the help desk staff members can assist them. An app for Infinite Campus does exist; however, there are currently issues with it that make it debatable whether or not it’s worth the download. “It seems right now that it might be better just to use the browser, but the app is pretty convenient. You can set alerts on the app so that every time a grade is changed you get an alert so that you are constantly up to date on your grades,” Ms. Kinnee said. With the implementation of this new system has come a variety of reactions and feedback from staff and students. Several students have expressed distaste with the Infinite Campus system. “I don’t like Infinite Campus since the app won’t let me see my grades,” Jayde Ficks, sophomore, said. Aidra Crawley, freshman, shares a similar view of Infinite Campus. “(Infinite Campus) doesn’t make any sense, and it always crashes when I try to check it,” Crawley said. Both Ficks and Crawley think that the system needs to be improved and that they much prefer the HomeLogic system. Others have been more optimistic about the system. Molly Becker, freshman, believes that while the switch was a big change, the new system is easy to use. “Infinite Campus was an adjustment for me and the majority of the WHS students, but once you get familiar with it the information is displayed nicely and you can find your classes easily,” Becker said. Many teachers have also shared a rather positive outlook on the new system. “Infinite Campus is very intuitive, easy to use and it makes sense,” Cynthia Carro, English teacher, said. -Max Piasecki