Athletic history finds new life in digitized photos

Photos of the WHS sports teams and athletes in the athletic hallways will soon be taken down and digitized.

The photos, which are located in the boys locker room hallway and showcase alumni and their various sports achievements, have accumulated over the years and have been slowly consuming the amount of wall space left in the hallway.

Steve May, assistant principal of student activities, has been talking about digitizing the photos for a couple years. He was influenced by parents and the other D214 schools who have already digitized their sports photos to finally implement the idea.

The school has recently began taking down the photos and the decision was finalized about four weeks ago with the company that is doing the digitizing process. The photos themselves need to be taken down and scanned by around the end of July. The entire digitization process should be completed and implemented by next school year around September or October if all goes accordingly.

The entire digitization process first starts with taking the photos down from the wall, taking them out of their frames and checking to see that all the names and achievements match the photos.

Once that process is complete the photos will be sent to TouchPro, the company that is digitizing the photos, to be scanned and digitized. A fifty-five inch monitor will be placed in the foyer along with a thirty-two inch monitor near Dr. May’s office which will allow students to view the photos freely.

“It operates like an iPad. You touch, scan and flip. I think in ten years it’s what everyone is going to be used to so we might as well do it now,” Dr. May said.

However, not all photos will be taken down. Dr. May will keep the photos from the last ten years up in the hallway and will take down those from the tenth year and put up the newest photos every year. Photos of all state athletes and state medalists will be kept up permanently.

“We’ll still have that history up so we’re not taking everything down, but we’re out of space and we need to do something,” Dr. May said.

The decision to digitize these photos has been met with some mixed reactions by the students.

Erica Herin, freshman, said that digitizing the photos would take away from the experience of walking down the hall and seeing all the alumni.

“The journey of it is that you’re going down the hall and you see all these people and it’s a really cool experience. Now that it’s hands-on and right there, it’s a good thing that it’s close, but I think it might take away the essence and genuine feeling it gets,” Herin said.

By digitizing the photos, more will be able to be uploaded than the number that the walls would be able to hold otherwise, allowing athletes from the past and future to have their photos displayed.