D214 expands pathways with planned aviation courses

Ursala Urban- Starting at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, D214 will be offering a new aviation pathway program in partnership with Lewis University.

The idea of the program existed for a while, but began when Dr. Lazaro Lopez, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning ,was brought to attention that there is “a significant need for aviation pilots and maintenance.” The implementation of this aviation program will provide another opportunity for students to explore a possible career option that is guaranteed to be available by the time the students graduate from college.

D214 is trying to expand opportunities for students to get ahead or explore different career pathways, helping students to determine a possible career before they graduate from high school. With certain pathways already in place, such as the current pathway for a teaching career, a student can prepare themselves for college.

The aviation program is currently trying to target upcoming seniors in the hope that at least 25 students from across the district will be interested, especially those who are curious about aviation maintenance or piloting.

“My hope is that students who would be interested in aviation will learn more about the field,” Dr. Lopez said.

With the aviation program and partnership with Lewis University, a student can earn 16 credits, or a semester’s worth of credits in college, aiding the student in possibly saving money by shaving off one semester of college and gain an advantage over other future applicants of the some job market if the student completes the course, which consists of three sequences.

On November 27th, there will be a parent/student meeting at Forest View for those who are interested in the program. If the meeting reaches at least 25 interested individuals, the program can be finalized. Currently, D214 is looking for partners to host the classes. This is important for the program because while the first sequence can be taught at the respective D214 schools, the other two sequences of the program require an airplane.