NJORTC cybersecurity

During the summer, several members of the naval junior reserve officer training corps (NJROTC) participated in a 40-hour cybersecurity program in Virginia and gained certification.

The course, which took place in July, was hosted at the Randolph-Macon Academy, located in Front Royal, Virginia. The program was hosted by Romeoville high school and their marine JROTC program. WHS had previously helped Romeoville with developing a cybersecurity program of their own. In response, the school offered seven spots to students who could go to the camp for free.

Jennifer Medina, senior, was one of the students who attended the camp in Virginia. Medina had previous experience with cybersecurity through her involvement in “CyberPatriot”, an Air Force Association program focused on directing students towards careers in cybersecurity and STEM areas. Medina explained that she decided to go to the camp because it was a chance to gain new experiences.

“I decided to attend due to the fact that it was in a different state and I wouldn’t have to pay for the trip. Plus, I would gain more knowledge about cybersecurity,” Medina said.

The course lasted for a week and students participated in three to four classes that each lasted approximately three hours. There, students learned skills about topics such decryption, creating websites and hacking, while developing skills such as securing a computer and using code to control a robot’s movements.

Medina said while she doesn’t think she will apply this knowledge now, she does plan on using them in the future.

“I’m planning a receiving a minor in cybersecurity since I find the information is interesting and helpful,” Medina said.